Review of Tommie Meets Spider Becca

Review of Fem Wrestling Rooms Tommie Meets Spider Becca – 12 Mins

TommieTommie, our bubbly rookie, enters the ring excited to have her first pro style wrestling match, until she feels a mysterious presence! Appearing behind her is the super villain, Spider Becca who has the ability to draw the strength out of her opponents with her spidery claw holds! Sweet Tommie is quickly caught in a head claw, as Spider Becca introduces herself and begins the process of draining Tommie’s strength! The poor girl finds herself in a front and reverse headlock, a Boston crab, and an over the knee backbreaker with a choke hold that knocks her out to give round one to the evil blond! Round two begins with Tommie getting punched out, placed in a ceiling hold, then a series of head scissors while Spider Becca continues to use her magical claws to suck more power out of her foe. Tommie goes out from a particularly tight reverse figure four head scissors to give round two to Ms. Becca! In the final fall, Tommie tries to escape the ring only to be pulled back for another power draining head claw, a tight camel clutch, and finally a painful torture rack! Spider Becca claws Tommie’s thigh while holding her high in the air and the cute brunette finally goes powerless and unconscious. Some sexy pins seal the match for Spider Becca as she leaves … fading into the wall … as poor Tommie lies motionless in the center of the ring!

Tommie is a back again and I’m really happy to see that she is totally just as happy and spunky as I remember, at least until the evil Spider Becca shows up. Becca appears from literally thin air and gets right to work, tearing the poor rookie to pieces. We get a lot of great holds, with some very great camera angles. I mean, there are just no bad angles when Becca is in that super sexy costume and the fishnets and boots only make it better. This is another good showing from the new girl, Tommie. She’s still super spunky, I really love that about her, hope she’s always like that, and she looks great of course, especially in those converse boots and one piece. We get some good reactions and a couple of very good KOs along the way, as well. I’m also really enjoying this Spider Becca character, her powers, her costume and that her powers turns her opponents into completely weak jobbers. I definitely hope to see more of her soon, I can think of some really fun possibilities with her. It helps that we have Becca for this, because she’s virtual limitless.

Overall Score: 9.5/10