Review of TINY vs THREE

Review of Sleeperkid’s WorldTINY vs THREE – 26 mins

After witnessing their buddies Luna and Sparrow getting destroyed by the new male heel known only as “Tiny”, Cynder, Anne-Marie, and Jessie Belle team up to take the big guy on in a 3 vs 1 gauntlet match. Here’s the breakdown. ROUND ONE:  Cynder opens with a low blow that brings Tiny down to a knee and then goes for a piggy back sleeper hold. Tiny slams her into a nearby wall, taking all the fight out of her. He then proceeds to destroy Cynder via belly punches, three mile high belly splashes, a standing chokeout, boot grinding, a standing sleeper hold, bearhug, a gorilla press into THREE CONSECUTIVE TOMBSTONE PILEDRIVERS for the KO and pin!  Cynder is carried by her partners to the corner. ROUND TWO:  Anne-Marie gets pushed into the wall for some punches, but she dodges Tiny’s wall splash and nails a belly splash of her own! She goes for the pin, but Tiny pushes her off with ease. Anne-Marie goes for a piledriver, while Jessie Belle screams at her to reconsider her tactics. Tiny lifts her up and nails a brutal reverse piledriver for the KO and then proceeds to tear Anne apart via three mile high splashes, body slam, suplex, chokeslam, boot grind, powerbomb, Gorilla Press to 3 tombstone piledrivers, and a final pin. Anne is dragged by Jessie to the corner. ROUND THREE: Jessie starts with some kicks to Tiny’s body and a chest kick that stuns him long enough for a DDT!  Jessie goes for the pin but Tiny throws her off. He then proceeds to take her out via body slams, a brutal DDT, three mile high splashes, a Fireman’s Stunner, standing chokeout, chokeslam, and his final gorilla press into THREE TOMBSTONES for the final pin. ROUND FOUR:  With all three ladies barely conscious, Tiny decides to wrap things up. He stacks the ladies against the wall for a brutal running avalanche splash, only to pile the ladies on the mats and splash them AGAIN!  He then piledrives Jessie Belle and proceeds to piledrive Anne-Marie and Cynder so they land across her KO’d body!  With all three ladies out cold and twitching, Tiny places a single finger across the body pile for his final pin.

SKW’s new male continues to make a huge impact at SKW, this time easily wiping the floor with 3 great SKW talents. The best thing about this video is that each girl sells in their own unique style. Cynder gives us lots of amazing eyerolling, even leaving her eye open and full white after one of Tiny’s massive splashes. Anne gives up tons of twitching, as we get to watch her twitch, as Jessie begs Tiny to end the round. Jessie Belle give us a little of twitching and a little of eyerolling. Tiny again shows us his strength, not only picking each girl into a gorilla press, making it look easy, but also handing out two of the biggest chokeslams I think I’ve ever seen. There is one change I’d like to see for Tiny’s triple piledriver finisher. If the last two or the last piledriver could be a limp piledriver, where the girl’s arms hang free, that would be crazy. Now admittedly, I don’t know how safe that it, but if it’s possible, I’d love to see it. Overall, we have 3 great jobbers, who all deliver us amazing performances and again Tiny is just shocking with his strength and mercilessness. Its outstanding to watch.

Overall Score: 9.5/10