Review of Sleeperkid’s WorldTINY vs THE TINIEST – 19 mins

We fade in on the amazing Luna and Sparrow Summers, both standing in the middle of the mat room, confident that they can take SK, who they assume is their male opponent scheduled the 2 on 1 handicap match. When Velvets tells them that they won’t be squaring off against Sleeperkid, the girls get a little worried. Velvets tells them their opponent is a new guy named “Tiny”. The girls giggle a bit, not noticing the 6’9 MONSTER emerging from the shadows. Tiny grabs both girls by the hair and slams their heads together in a brutal forced face smash, knocking them out cold. A stunned Velvets stands back and narrates the entire destruction that follows. The tall and super-powered pro puts on one of the best shows ever delivered from SKW, taking both Luna and Sparrow out, one at a time, and then together with some truly innovative 1 on 2 attacks. Velvets can only gasp and plead with the monster as he tears through the competition, ending in a first ever DOUBLE set of TRIPLE TOMBSTONE PILEDRIVER finishers. Then he picks up each girl with one arm, ragdolling them around, showing that they are completely destroyed and won’t be waking up anytime soon. A double over the shoulder carry is his victory pose of choice as we fade to black.

Not sure if you guys noticed, but it’s not too often that SK hires another guy to come in and work for him. Whatever reason there is for that, even SK couldn’t pass on the chance to add this mountain of a man to the roster and who better to start him off with than two of the smallest one the roster? You guys haven’t seen a squash like this before, the size difference here is terrifying. His boots are about the size of their entire midsection, as you can see from the monster stomps he uses to wake them back up. Sparrow and Luna don’t even stand the slightest chance as it was over for them right after the first KO. Tiny literally tosses these tiny jobbers around with great ease. He even has the strength to do double bearhugs, with each girl having and arm to themselves as their feet dangle freely or lift them over his head till they just about touch the, got to be nearly 10 foot ceiling, then transfer that into a piledriver. This was a great opportunity for some extreme over selling, but what we got was more like mild over selling. Which I consider just me hoping for too much, because Sparrow and Luna definitely deliver stellar performances. Sparrow gives us some awesome crossed eyed reactions with some tongue protrusion while she’s getting the life squeezed out of her. Luna gives us some great white eyes when she’s forced into taking nap. There’s some twitching too, but not as much as I personally had my fingers crossed for. Oh and I almost forgot, we also have Jackie once again doing her best old school Vince McMahon impression, commentating the destruction. Jackie commentary is always welcomed, she’s knows just what to say and when. It really adds a nice touch to these vids. Overall, this one has to be seen to be believed, as the pictures just don’t do it justice. SK had done a lot of amazing squashes in his tenure, but he’s got nothing on Tiny. Also I couldn’t be happier for Tiny’s first two victims to be Luna and Sparrow, those amazing girls looks outstanding and sell just a great. I hope they ask for a rematch!!

Overall Score: 9.9/10