Review of TINY vs SINN SAGE

Review of Sleeperkid’s WorldTINY vs SINN SAGE – 20 mins

We fade in as Jacquelyn Velvets, the narrator, asking Sinn Sage how she feels about her upcoming match with Sleeperkid. She laughs it off, thinking that she’s trained enough to take him out.  Jacquelyn corrects her and tells her that she’ll be facing TINY for this battle and Sinn shrugs it off again.  After all, how badass can a dude named Tiny actually be? As the 6’9 monster steps up behind her, Jacquelyn grimaces a little.  A sudden sleeper hold attack puts a stunned and confused Sinn Sage to sleep and this beatdown is now ready to begin. Tiny does what he does best, destroying Sinn from head to toe, and finishing her off with a move he’s called THE TINY SPECIAL (Gorilla Press followed by THREE back to back TOMBSTONE PILEDRIVERS).  Everything else before that merciful finish can only be describes as total devastation.

We’ve seen Tiny take out 2 girls at once and even 3 girls in a gauntlet match, what do you think would happen when he got a change for a one on one match? Total destruction is exactly what I’d call this as Sinn gets ripped apart. Sinn can’t believe that we call this man Tiny and she makes that pretty clear every chance she gets. Jacquelyn Velvets is commentating for us again, she starts out mocking Sinn’s misfortune, but soon she changes her song as the destruction becomes too much for her to watch. Sinn takes quite a beating, which has her screaming for mercy every time she conscious, which isn’t too often as all the huge power moves keep her knocked out most of the time. Tiny is crazy, really bringing the mercilessness to a whole new level and Sinn once again brings us a performance for to remember. Overall, Tiny one on one versus anyone is guaranteed trouble, and Sinn found that out first hand in this amazing instant classic.

Overall Score: 9.9/10