Review of TINY vs KAYLA

Review of Sleeperkid’s WorldTINY vs KAYLA – 21 Mins


We fade in on Kayla clowning the wrestler (whom she’s obviously never seen) known as “Tiny”. All while the 6’9 monster steps up behind her…and unleashes a sudden sleeper hold that puts Kayla out in a matter of seconds! What follows is a brutal one-sided squash that eventually leaves Kayla out cold and carried away over Tiny’s massive shoulder!

This is by far the most brutal 1v1 squash video of recent history. Kayla makes such an amazing jobber, really over selling her destruction. All us over selling fans are in amazing luck here. We get plenty of all the things we love to see, tongue protrusion, drooling and the craziest twitching I thing I’ve ever seen. Even the drooling was crazy as Kayla’s twitching causes her to cough making drool fly everywhere. Also Tiny talks a little more than usual and he’s definitely been hanging out with The Machine too much, as he’s quickly become a wise ass, telling us “she’s fine” as Kayla twitches like crazy in the mats. Everything here just couldn’t be better, lots of huge power moves, amazing over the top selling, even Kayla’s outfit was perfect, for me. Guys, you seriously can’t miss this vid, it is one for the history books. I still think the amount of makeup around Kayla’s eyes make it a little difficult at times to see what her eyes are doing, but don’t think that’s a big enough problem to not score this one perfectly.

Overall score: 10/10


  • #MoreKaylaNOW
    This girl sells her ASS OFF!!!
    I totally agree, this one is a MUST BUY…

    • OMG YES!! like if you’ve ignored my “must buy” mentions before, i cannot… CANNOT beg you more to grab this one! my goodness!! woooo

  • Yea there’s definitely something about this video, your ‘must buy’ call is a good one.

    My summary would be
    “Gorgeous blonde in a skimpy pink outfit gets manhandled, choked & stretched out by a large black gentleman”

    Some of the holds toward the end (holding her for some kind of neck breaker) would make less than honourable thoughts pass through anybody’s mind. Oh well that’s for another producer.
    Great video 10/10 from me too

  • DV

    I always like it when the woman ends up twitching from impact/pain after taking a big move, especially if it’s a piledriver, and Kayla totally went above and beyond here, selling Tiny’s drivers to the point of basically having seizures. An instant new favorite!