Review of Sleeperkid’s WorldTINY vs JORDYNNE GRACE – 25 Mins

JordynneWe fade in on Jordynne Grace clowning her upcoming opponent…AKA “Tiny”. She scoffs at his winning streak, reminding SK that she has actual pro training, unlike most of the girls he’s defeated. As she speaks, the monster emerges, smiling as he cuts Jordynne off with a sudden and powerful sleeper hold KO!   What follows is the kinda stuff no one really sees anymore: a giant 6’9 heel completely squashing a hapless jobber…with ZERO fight left in her after the first knockout! This one is the most INTENSE entry in this series YET, folks…and it’s gonna be damned difficult to top!

My absolute favorite thing about Jordynne, is just the crazy things she can and is willing to do. She’s always down for taking the big crazy moves and this video if just filled with them. There are several “oh shit” moments in this one as Tiny tosses Jordynne all over the mat room and Jordynne gives us an awesome, insane reaction, really putting over her destruction. She also twitches after just about every move and since almost every move is a big flashy power move, it totally makes sense and great twitching too. We also get a nice drooling scene at the end after The Tiny Special. This may not be favorite Tiny vid, as Kayla still has that spot, but this has got to be #2, because it is so crazy and so impressive. You’ve just got to see it.

Overall score: 9.9/10