Review of TINY vs CYNDER

Review of Sleeperkid’s WorldTINY vs CYNDER – 17 mins

The look on Cynder’s face when SK tells her who her secret opponent is?   PRICELESS. That’s as much of an intro as you need, folks, as the beautiful Cynder takes one heck of a beating from the biggest monster SKW has ever witnessed! This is a complete beatdown with Cynder taking KO after a KO until Tiny finally ends it with his patented TINY SPECIAL, along with some added torture, just for fun!

Cynder has already met Tiny once and she was so excited to have a match, right up until she found out that Tiny was going to be her opponent. Watching the smile drop from her face, is sinisterly, hysterical. We’ve all seen the domination Tiny can dish out, especially in a one on one match and Cynder gets the very same treatment as all the others. Cynder is an amazing jobber and those eye rolls are to die for. There’s a little bit of twitching, not as much as I’d hope for, but the eyerolling is the main event and there’s lots of that. A lot of the KOs Cynder leaves her eyes open and fully rolled back well after she’s out cold and I absolutely love that she does that and I think this could be “her thing”, I’d love it is she did that all the time. Tiny did his finishing combo before he did a choke slam and a few other traditional moves, not sure why it was done in that order, I’d rather “The Tiny Special” be saved for the very end, but I’m glad those moves still made it in anyway. I cannot wait for more from Cynder and more domination from Tiny, maybe they’ll even met again, I wouldn’t have a problem with that.

Overall Score: 9.5/10