Review of TINY vs BECCA and SUMIKO

Review of Sleeperkid’s World TINY vs BECCA and SUMIKO – 26 mins

The 6’9 TINY vs two of the most requested wrestlers in the WORLD! We fade in on a nervous Sumiko pacing back and forth on the mats. Becca, scheduled to referee Sumiko’s match, walks in, concerned, only to find out that Sumiko is a bit scared of her upcoming opponent. Sumiko offers a bribe in exchange for Becca’s help should Tiny look like he might get the winning pin. Becca smiles and accepts the cash as we fade into the beginning of the contest. Sumiko starts off using her speed to get away from Tiny’s attacks. She goes for a sudden flying neckscissors, but Tiny stops her momentum and drops her in a sudden TOMBSTONE piledriver! A shocked Becca can only watch as Tiny proceeds to take Sumiko apart piece by piece. After Sumiko is out, Tiny goes for an Undertaker-style pin. A stunned Becca counts it, but also makes good on her promise. Before slapping the ten count, she suddenly leaps, trapping Tiny in a piggyback sleeper hold! Tiny isn’t fazed, slamming the tiny blonde into a nearby wall. Tiny is enraged, and decides to teach Becca a lesson! He tosses Sumiko out of the way and proceeds to destroy the FWR wrestler. Tiny then wakes Sumiko up and proceeds to destroy BOTH ladies. Once he’s satisfied with the destruction, he pins Sumiko, using Becca limp hand to count the final fall.

This video starts off with a very familiar story Idea, but turns very crazy, very quickly. We all know the paid off ref idea, but Tiny makes short work of Sumiko, that is once he gets a hold of her. Becca does try to slow Sumiko’s destruction, but one look from Tiny, shut Becca up, real quick. As horrified as Becca is of Tiny, she still tries to help Sumiko, which instantly blows up in her face. Becca gets a little one on one time with Tiny, before he wakes Sumiko to join the party. Then we start to see the one on two domination, we are all quickly becoming very familiar with. Becca and Sumiko get to remind us why they are the some of the best sellers in the business, as they give as an amazing performances, really selling just how over powered they were. Tiny again is merciless and impressive with his huge power moves. I don’t think I’ll ever get used to just how crazy his moves look. I love power moves and he kicks power moves up to a whole new level that is absolutely the best I’ve ever seen. Overall, this is another great squash from Tiny and this time getting to finally see Sumiko, as well as FWR’s Becca, makes this arguable the best Tiny vid thus far.

Overall Score: 9.9/10