Review of Tiny Asian Amai Liu’s Limp Fondle and F**k

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Review of Addie Juniper MoviesTiny Asian Amai Liu’s Limp Fondle and F**k – 16 Mins

Amai LiuAmai Liu is a bad little 80 pound girl who did way too much blow. She starts feeling really strange, so she sits holding her head and her eyes start getting all roly poly. Her male friend asks if she’s OK and she insists that she is, but within a minute, her tiny body flops back onto the bed. Her buddy looks her over, shakes her a bit and discovers that she isn’t breathing! He lifts her skinny wrist and listens for a pulse. He frantically rips off her shirt and gets his ear closer to her chest. She’s breathing! While he’s thinking about what to do to make her come to, he notices that her bra had slipped off and her perky little tits are pointing right at him. Instinctively, he brings his hands down and begins to fondle them, squeezing them with delight. He drags her up onto the bed and flips her over, wanting to see more of her tight little body. He slips her jean shorts down off of her ass and notices that she was wearing a cute thong. He squeezes and fondles her butt cheeks for a bit. Then he moves down to her feet, pulling her long socks off to reveal her bare feet – which are a teeny tiny size 3.5! He loves feet, so he can hardly believe his luck! He rubs her soles on his face and smells and worships them for a bit. This turns him on so much that he starts to jerk off. He gets so hard that he realizes that he just HAS to f**k her cute body. She’s so light and easy to move around! He strips her completely naked, then plays with her p***y for a bit. He rubs it on the outside, spreads it open and sticks his finger in to get her ready. He drags her body backwards, spreads her legs and fucks her from behind, being sure to bend her feet up so he can stare at her soles while he f**ks her. He f**ks her little body hard until he c**s inside her! Ahhh… amazing. Then he begins to re-dress her. He must leave her exactly as she was and make it look like he was never there! He flops her around while he puts her clothes back on her; she is SO limp! Then she wakes up, confused, as he’s getting his clothes back on, but he says that he just took a nap and has to get to work…. hmm… guess she’ll never know what really happened! *The sex in this video is simulated.*

Amai is a super cute and tiny chick that I have only seen work for Addie at this point. She makes a great ragdoll, because she so tiny and easy to toss around. This vid to me is a little silly, from the minor coke over dose the turns Amai into a ragdoll, to how much this guy was loving rubbing her soles on his face, I couldn’t help but laugh at that, he was definitely a little ridiculous there and finally, when she just shrugs off his abrupt departure and goes back to sleep. So, I might have found this video a little more silly then it was meant to be, but as you guys know, silliness is a good thing for me. I think the limp play is good, I love the stripping and redressing, and I think Amai as really cute feet. So, all the fetish aspects of this video works well for me and the maybe incidental comedy also added to the enjoyment of this one. I wounldn’t mind if Amai made a visit to SKW, it you thought Luna vs Tiny was a mismatch, imagine Amai going up against that monster.

Overall Score: 8.5/10