Review of Tilly’s Special Power

Review of Fem Wrestling RoomsTilly’s Special Power – 11 Mins

AlexTilly McReese, a visiting wrestler from Ireland (with a cute accent that proves it), meets Alex in the ring for a wrestling match. As the girls circle, Tilly warns our blond babe that she’ll regret getting in the ring with her! After an initial lock-up Tilly quickly gets behind Alex with a choke hold and begins to wave her fingers in front of Alex’s eyes, revealing her special hypnotic powers! Alex quickly goes into a trance and what follows is a light hearted, eye rolling, one sided domination of poor Alex! Tilly makes the beauty try to knock herself out through hypnosis by having Alex smash her own head on the turnbuckle, choke herself on the ropes, punch herself in the belly, punch herself in the jaw with a boxing glove, and choke herself with her own arms. But silly Alex can’t seem to knock herself out so Tilly ends up putting the finishing touches on all the moves. “You suck at this”, laughs Tilly as the silly and groggy Alex tries her best to knock herself out! Finally, Tilly wraps Alex’s neck up in a tight reverse figure four head scissor to finish the match. And to add a touch more silliness to the match, Tilly whispers in Alex’s ear, wiggles her fingers a bit more in front of her face, and exits the ring. As the Irish beauty is leaving she turns toward Alex and snaps her fingers. Suddenly, Alex wakes up, sits up, and starts clucking like a chicken and we fade out!

A fun and silly vid here, with some magic powers and a hilarious ending. It seems like most of the time we get to see Alex she is doing something silly and this one is by far the craziest. Tilly’s powers are great, I love how they make Alex so willing to beat herself up she’s actually happy to do it. I also like that Alex gets too silly and dazed to knock herself out so Tilly has to help every time. Alex give us great reactions while beating herself up and even better when Tilly helps her out. Plenty of great KOs and the absolute best thing about is, Tilly’s accent. I love a girl with an accent and this vid has Tilly talking trash the whole time, so we get plenty of her accent. Then the ending is one of the funniest things, I still can’t help but laugh when Alex starts clucking. I really enjoyed this vid, great for a couple of laughs and silly KOs. I really hope there are more vids with Tilly.

Overall Score: 9/10