Review of THREE vs TAKAIJI

Review of Sleeperkid’s World THREE vs TAKAIJI – 25 MIns

TYou know the rules, guys! Takaiji has to defeat all three of her opponents one by one, only to take them all on in a final bonus round!

Here’s the breakdown: Takaiji vs Sarah Diavola: Sarah speeds around Takaiji and applies a piggy back sleeper, but Takaiji slams the tiny wrestler into the wall! The tall heel then attacks with three vicious wall splashes, for the KO, multiple belly splashes, a torture rack, hairpulling, a PILEDRIVER KO, and a TOMBSTONE PILEDRIVER KO for the pin! Sarah’s partners are then forced to carry her sleeping body to the corner as we fade to…. Takaiji vs Hannah Perez: Hannah starts off strong, sweeping Takaiji’s feet and nailing brutal stomps to the tall beauty’s body. She follows up with a leglock, but Takaiji cuts her off with a sudden stomach blow! Furious, Takaiji slams Hannah’s body into an over the knee backbreaker, followed by a tight sleeper KO, a tighter bearhug KO, a piledriver KO, and a final TOMBSTONE KO for the pin and win! Takaiji vs Sumiko: Sumiko shows her skills as she attacks Takaiji with an opening standing crucifix, followed by a takedown and a ground crucifix that has Takaiji screaming in pain. An inverted scissor/armlock combo follows as Sumiko attempts to wear Takaiji down, trapping her in a ground neck scissors that eventually knocks the Amazonian warrior OUT!   An excited Sumiko goes for the pin but Takaiji kicks out!   Sumiko pulls her up but Takaiji nails a brutal low blow and takes control!   Angered but exhausted, Takaiji destroys Sumiko with body slams, suplexes, a massive boot to the face, a piledriver KO, and a tombstone KO, followed by a pin! BONUS ROUND: Sarah, Hannah, and Sumiko try to make their way up to their feet, but Takaiji takes control, attacking with a TRIPLE BEARHUG KO, a stacked up TRIPLE wall splash KO that ends in a body pile, and a final set of THREE TOMBSTONE piledrivers that leave each lady completely out and ripe for a final Undertaker-style pin!

Another solid destruction here. I can’t help but relate the one to TINY vs THREE, although not quite as one-sided and brutal, Takaiji definitely puts a hurting on these three beautiful jobbers. Each girl really sells it pretty great too. I don’t know who Sarah is, but I can tell you that she performed right up there with Sumiko and Hannah. This vids got plenty of piledrivers, although little to no twitching, as well as some other nice moves as well. Each girl suffers through a couple of KO before the final set of piledrivers put them out for the easy pin. The final round again relates to the Tiny vid as Takaiji takes on all three jobbers and with some impressive showing of power, put them all out for the night with ease. It’s a really fun vid to watch, I love the bikinis and boots, as well as the reveal of each outfit when it was their turn to do battle, and all the beautiful selling throughout this great vid.

Overall Score: 9.5/10