Review of This Job is Mine!

Review of Fem Wrestling Rooms This Job is Mine! – 22 mins

We begin in the home office of our popular producer. The beautiful Peyton, dressed in her sexy interview attire, arrives and begins flirting with him in hopes of getting the available position. Suddenly, Becca enters, also dressed in her hottest interview attire, and proceeds to shove and insult Peyton. The cute brunette jumps Becca and knocks her out with a sleeper hold then returns to her flirtatious interview. Becca wakes up and slams Peyton’s head into the desk, knocking her out! Soon, a fight erupts in the room, moves to the living room, then to the workout room, outdoors, and finally in the studio as both girls knock each other out in various ways! They strip each other down to bras, panties, and pantyhose, but continue to fight it out. All manner of sexy knockouts occur, some of which end in double knockouts and lovely body piles. Punches, sleepers, scissors, head smashes, syringes, exercise equipment, temple drills, and nerve pinches are all used to render the beauties unconscious until one girl finally succeeds in defeating her opponent. She returns to the interview, but passes out and slides to the floor exhausted!

When Peyton and Becca are up against each other, it normally ends up being a fantastic show. Well, that trend continues with this gem. Everything that happens in the video is top of the line. From the intro, with Rick acting like a loony, before Peyton approaches, to the sudden exchange on KOs, that sets the tone of the video, was all perfect. Than the KOs start flying at us in rapid succession, with really fun and silly reactions, ending in even better KO positions, starting with Becca flying over the back of the couch, leaving her heels dangling in the air. Their clothes are quickly stripped off, but they continue without hesitation in their bra and panties with pantyhose. There’s nothing not to love about that, especially with these two awesome bodies. Becca and Peyton use everything and anything to knock each other out, like a bowflex or a piano. It is always great when the environment becomes creative weapons. The match is so back and forth that we also get plenty of double KOs, which also gives us some really sexy body piles. Finally, Peyton is able to put Becca out for good and she barely makes it back to confirm the job is hers before passing out as well. I couldn’t be happier with this conclusion, not only do we get answer to the whole point of the video, but we also get one more good look at the KO’d Peyton. Overall, this video is simply brilliant and extremely well done, in every aspect! You guys will easily love this one.

Overall score: 9.9/10