Review of The Worst Date Ever

Review of Velvets FantasiesThe Worst Date Ever – 33 Mins

ElsaElsa Ives is having one of those nights. The kind that involves a bad date at a bar that leads to walking home in the dark bitter and hopeless, unaware that someone’s been watching her all night. And that this individual has followed her home. Elsa’s night takes a turn for the very worst when this hulking figure (played by Ivan Boulder) traps her in a chloroform embrace, and manhandles her with ease while knocking her unconscious multiple times, rag dolling her limp form, and carrying her to the bedroom and proceeds to hogtied her while she’s out. Elsa awakens and visits dreamland yet again via a drug-laced mask… waking up untied several hours later. Confused, she calls her best friend (Jacquelyn Velvets) and tells her the whole story… except she misses the part where the stalker is STILL in the house. Elsa is knocked out yet again and carried off to her garage, where her tormentor awaits her friend’s arrival. Jacquelyn arrives and is promptly chloroformed, her body placed next to Elsa’s. The two woozy women slowly come to but Ivan is ready. He expertly chokes them out with two giant arms, ragdolling the ladies as we slowly fade to black…

Elsa is still pretty new, but has been absolutely amazing so far. I been waiting for a vid with just Elsa since her debut and I got a great one with this. Elsa is out cold only seconds into the vid and stay out for most of it, with plenty of KOs along the way. Lots of great limp play, nice carrying and a long hog tying section, so there’s a good amount of everything in this one. Watching Ivan do every step of the hogtie took a bit more time then I’d like, but I wouldn’t say it was a bad thing. It was also a bit odd how cocky Elsa was being in the situation she was in. It’s just funny to see Elsa talking crap and being smug to Ivan while she’s hogtied and helpless. Elsa looks amazing in every outfit in this, but I really love the tight dress, stockings and the bright pink panties, that definitely highlights one of the best butts in the business. Near the end we are treated to Jacquelyn making an appearance, looking to help her friend only to be KO’d herself. It’s always great to see Miss Velvets and the two gorgeous girls look great sleeping in a pile at Ivan’s feet. It is a much welcomed addition to an already great video. Elsa is pretty much a favorite of mine already and vid is a big reason why.

Overall Score: 9.5/10