Review of The Weak Spot

Review of Fem Wrestling RoomsThe Weak Spot – 10 Mins

BeccaFrom your humble producer: “While I get lots of custom requests for videos with nothing but low blows, I don’t want to become a site that focuses on that move. It’s just not my thing. But this custom involved enough wrestling and fighting moves to justify the low blow move and we were happy to do it.” Becca and Sasha meet in the center of the ring and challenge each other to an all-out, no rules, catfight. They quickly go at it and when Becca starts gaining the advantage from a test of strength, Sasha has no choice but to smash her knee in between Becca’s legs! When our blond drops in pain, Sasha taunts her, mocks her, and laughs at her! The match proceeds with the girls taking the upper hand due to low blows as they laugh and mimic their opponent’s pain. You’ll see belly punches, corner work, chokes, head scissors, face punches, a hair pulling catfight around the ring, an atomic drop, and a final reverse school girl/matchbook pin. The final victor, Becca, gives Sasha a final double fisted SMASH to her crotch to make sure she won’t mess with her again! Plenty of great wrestling, combined with some awesome low blows will make this a great addition to your collection of FWR videos!

I agree with Rick, a video with only low blows isn’t all that exciting, however having a bunch of low blows mixed into a great fight between two of my favorite girls ever, is an excellent idea. I love this vid, even without any KOs. I love how they react to the low blows and even better when the other girl mocks their agony. The low blow reactions could definitely be considered over the top as we get a big gasping reaction and lots of writhing on the ground in pain. There also some good old fashioned wrestling mixed in the back and forth chaos. One of the best parts is Becca claims victory early, flexing to the camera, leave herself open for another big low blow that drops her instantly. I also love the choice of having taped fists and converse boots. In the end Becca gets a nice long victory pose session over the writhing Sasha. I’m normally would complain about no KOs but this one was just great, with all the writhing, big reactions from both girls and all the mocking, it actually fine without any KOs.

Overall score: 9.5/10