Review of The Unfortunate Referee

Review of Fem Wrestling Rooms The Unfortunate Referee – 10 MIns

REFWhen you bring two pro wrestlers together for a wrestling match you know that things might get out of hand. So, in the interest of fairness, we brought in Sasha to be the referee. Well, that didn’t sit too well with these veterans of the ring and after dealing with Sasha’s constant counting when they were on the ropes, in the corner, or choking each other, Mystique and Antoinette decided to take the little ref out! A double teaming melee ensues with the busty beauties laying into poor Sasha with body splashes, snap mare “catch” game, arm stretch, row boat, double corner foot choke, head scissor/leg lock combo, and a knockout double stunner! Sweet Sasha gets pinned by both pro wrestlers then is left unconscious in the ring. When she wakes up, she realizes that she’s all alone and in a hilariously cute and punch drunk way declares “I guess I did a good job!” then passes out again!

I think this something so many people have always wanted to see, that annoying ref getting beaten up by the two toughest girls at FWR. I think Sasha got off a little light, as both Antoinette and Mystique didn’t really bring out the power moves they could of, instead they went with some fun and silly moves instead, which was great. You can’t help but laugh a number of times in this vid, from just the girls getting annoyed with Sasha and arguing with her, to the girls just tossing Sasha back and forth around this ring and of course, Sasha great silly reactions. Sasha totally gets the senses knocked out of her, she stumbles around, seeing stars and soon enough is she’s out cold. I love Sasha, no matter what she’s doing, but it’s always great to see her doing some silly stuff like this. Also, I got to mention the outfits, as the pro outfits and boots looks great, even while on the winning side and Sasha ref outfit is perfectly revealing at just the right times. Overall, there is something amazing about the way FWR does their silly vids, there’s just none other quite like them, it’s definitely something that I’d would love to see more of.

Overall Score: 9/10