Review of The Spy Who Groped Me

Review of Anton’s Dream FantasiesThe Spy Who Groped Me – 35 mins

Celeste and Sinn are secretaries working in an office. They’re bored and confess that they sometimes fantasize about being spies. Celeste starts to tell Sinn her fantasies and we see them. First, Sinn is guarding a doorway when Celeste sneaks up behind her and uses a chloro rag to weaken Sinn, leaving her disoriented. She attacks her again, completely subduing her. Celeste strips Sinn and gropes her hot body. She finds the flash drive she was looking for in Sinn’s clothes. Sinn wakes and is KO’d again. When she awakens again, Celeste sticks something in her leg which completely KOs her. In the second story, Sinn is working at a desk when Celeste sneaks in and shoots a dart at her. Celeste strips Sinn and enjoys playing with her sexy body. When Sinn wakes up and refuses to give Celeste the information she wants, Celeste uses a cloth on her and kidnaps her, pushing her out of the office in her chair. In the third story, Sinn is guarding a doorway again when Celeste sneaks up and handgags her. She holds a bottle under Sinn’s nose to put her out. Sinn is stripped and groped. When she awakens, Celeste takes control and orders Sinn to use a cloth on herself. Sinn does as she is told. When she is too weak to hold the cloth, Celeste picks it up and finishes Sinn off.

Sinn Sage is one of my favorite performers, of all time, so when I saw this vid I was all over it. There’s also another one I have my eye on. Celeste is no new comer and is smoking hot as well. Sinn gets KO’d again and again by the rival spy, Celeste, who that takes great joy in removing Sinn’s clothes and searching her body. The outfits are perfect, both Sinn and Celeste wear heels and skirts, very sexy stuff, although Sinn does get stripped of most of her clothes in the stories. The fantasies set up is works great, they might not be anything new or very creative, but the action and performances from both babes are prefect. Also they make it easy to reset everything, change clothes and knocking out Sinn again. Which of course is great, the more KO’d Sinn the better and there is a lot of dazed and KO’d Sinn it this one, if I haven’t made that clear yet. Overall, great sleep/limp play action, fun sentry style scenes and more reasons to love Sinn and Celeste.

Overall Score: 9/10