Review of THE SNOWFLAKE CHRONICLES: volume two

Review of Sleeperkid’s WorldTHE SNOWFLAKE CHRONICLES: volume two – 18 mins

Part two of this series kicks in fast, with SNOWFLAKE agent, Cynder, running her trainee, Ella, (making her SKW debut) through some push-ups before deciding to test her with a free-for-all KOs contest. The young and potential agent gleefully agrees, but a sudden punch reversal finds her trapped in Cynder’s deadly sleeper hold. Ella’s eyes roll as she fades, thus starting a barrage of KO points all scored by the beautiful Cynder! Later, Cynder sits her trainee up, but Ella has a few tricks up her sleeve or in this case her leg: specifically the one that lands a perfect KO strike to her trainer’s face. Ella shakes off the cobwebs and goes on the offensive, racking up her own points. After, Ella then goes for a chloro attack, but Cynder reverses it into a double chloroform KISS KO! Both ladies drop to the mats, out cold, but Cynder comes to, now determined to teach her trainee. She proceeds to knock Ella out repeatedly, just for kicks! Cynder then goes for a tazer KO to Ella’s body, but the youngster collapses into her trainer, shocking both ladies into unconsciousness! Cynder awakens moments later, impressed by her trainee’s skills. She decides to give Ella a final chance to impress her. She injects a sleepy drug into her neck and tells her to attack. Ella is stunned, but manages to block Cynder’s attack and apply a brutal sleeper hold KO.  The trainee smiles, dazed, until the drug takes effect and she falls on top of her trainer, leaving a lovely body pile on the mats.

I think this is the only time that we have ever seen 2 clips of a series released together, the first with Becca and Sumiko and this one, with the brand new Ella and the still new-ish, Cynder.  The best thing about both of these vids is the way the battle is back and forth, yet still giving each one a good sections of complete control. So, we get to see Cynder, in what I believe, is her first time, in control for a while. Then, Ella turns the tide and runs the show for a while. As I said in my review for the first installment of these new series, I really like this style of back and forth battles compared to the more rapidly tide shifting battles. Cynder was great on both side of the fence, but I love her much more on the losing side, as her eyerolling is top of the line. Ella, for being brand new, also did well on both sides of the action. And of course they both look great in those shiny suits. Overall, a very good first impression for Ella, Cynder, continues to impress, as she continues her climb through my jobber ranks and I love this style of back and forth battle. It’s going to be really hard to best the first installment of the series, but this was a very good try.

Overkill score: 9/10