Review of THE SNOWFLAKE CHRONICLES: volume three

Review of Sleeperkid’s WorldTHE SNOWFLAKE CHRONICLES: volume three – 32 Mins

AnneTwo members of the Snowflake Agency (played by Wenona and Anne-Marie) lay unconscious on the mats and slowly come to. They’ve apparently been kidnapped by a madman who gets pleasure from pitting his enemies against each other in brutal KO contests! The girls refuse to do battle, but a sudden dose from a hypnotic orb changes their minds…quite literally. The girls are forced to fall asleep as the spell takes hold and they awaken, ready to do battle! This one’s jam-packed with tons of KOs, folks…with each agent taking turns as the aggressor…and the loser! In the end, one fighter is left standing…only to take a sleeping gas KO from her captor, leading to a final body pile on the mats as we fade to black!

My favorite thing about these Snowflake Chronicles videos is how long each girl gets to stay in control before the tide turns. Of course with Anne Marie in this match, I was happy to see her on the losing side for the slight majority of the match. She does, of course, also gets plenty of time to dominate Wenona and Anne is seriously a pretty good heel. Wenona gets a great opportunity to show off her amazing flexibility in a very fun section of this video, where she seems just as comfortable folded in half as if she was lying flat on her back. Both girls give us some awesome eyerolling and crossing and a good amount of tongue protrusion. Uncharacteristically, the normally very twitchy Anne Marie, does fall still in the end. I would have loved to have a really twitchy ending, but I can’t always get what I want. It was still great fun to watch as these two beautiful, long legged, girls do battle and pile up the KOs.

Overall score: 9.5/10