Review of THE SNOWFLAKE CHRONICLES: volume one

Review of Sleeperkid’s WorldTHE SNOWFLAKE CHRONICLES: volume one – 36 mins

In this brand new series, we fade in on two unconscious, and rival, agents, played by Sumiko and Becca, (Becca making her SKW mat room debut). A voice wakes them up over a PA and tells them they’ve been kidnapped and brought to this fight lair in order to finally prove who the better fighter is! The winner is promised her freedom, and the battle begins.  Representing the STAR agency, Becca proves her skill by trapping Sumiko in a sudden sleeper hold that renders the lovely girl unconscious.  Becca then proceeds to rack up the several points in a row. Soon, Becca traps Sumiko in yet another sleeper, but the girl from the SNOWFLAKE agency delivers a sudden snap kick to the jaw that drops Becca like a rock. Sumiko recovers and proceeds to catch up to her opponent’s score via several KOs of her own. Sumiko then goes for a chloroform KO, but Becca traps her wrist, forcing Sumiko in for a double chloroform kiss KO. This gives each lady a point and the battle continues, with Becca coming to and adding to her points. Sumiko reverses the belly punching and lands some of her own, going on to land a solar plexus strike that knocks Becca out.  Enraged, Sumiko goes on a full on assault, determined to catch up to Becca and surpass her score. The time limit ends, and we fade in on Sumiko demanding her freedom from her captor. The mysterious evildoer decides to gas both ladies instead, leading to a final bodypile on the ground and plenty of room for a future rematch!

This is how a back and forth battle with two the business’ top performers should be done. Instead of just being a crazy back and forth battle, like a lot of the pro battles or sentry battles. In this one each girl gets full control for a decent amount of time, but just when you think one girl has this one in the bag, the tide turns and it’s the other girls turn for dominance. This vid is jam packed with KOs. Sumiko and Becca put on one hell of a show for us. They are both amazing jobber and the formatting of this match gives a many opportunities to see all their amazing selling skills at work. We get lots of eyerolling, some tongue protrusion and even a little twitching. All those KOs give us lots of great KO positions, I can pretty much guarantee your fav is in the one. I love both these girls so much and this gives you all reasons to love them too, if you don’t already. Which if you don’t yet, you need to wake up and smells the coffee, these two are arguably the best in the business. Overall, I really love the matches formatting, this is the way back and forth matches should be done and you couldn’t have fired off a brand new series any better than starting with these two amazing talents. An easy must own for all SKW fans!

Overkill score: 10/10