Review of The Return of The Madame

Review of Cali’s Customs The Return of The Madame – 17.5 mins

The Green Lantern, played by Cherie Deville, is in search of Supergirl and shows up at her last know location. She is quickly met by The Madame, Cali Logan, the girls both talk tough, as The Madame, makes jokes about the missing Supergirl. This angers The Green Lantern and they exchange a few punches. Before anything get too crazy, The Madame whips out at chloro rag and KOs The Green Lantern. We fade in and find The Green Lantern waking up, hands tied to the ceiling. She notices some lazers on the opposite wall and worries what they can do to her. She manages to free herself, but before she can get anywhere, she’s stopped by The Madame. It only takes a few of The Madame’s powerful punches to KO the surprised heroine. Cali ties The Green Lantern back to the ceiling, binding her feet as well this time. She then wakes her up. The Madame rubs her hand all over The Green Lantern’s body, as she explains her plans of auctioning her off. Next it’s time to play with her lazers, as The Madame grabs one of the guns from the wall. She teases The Green Lantern with it for a second, then shoots her with it. In the blink of eye, The Green Lantern’s costume disappears. Now The Madame can enjoy the almost naked body of The Green Lantern as she touches and kisses exposed tits. The Green Lantern is shocked by The Madame’s molestation, begging her to stop. The Madame decides it’s time to see what the other lazer guns do, one caused pain and the other instantly knocked out The Green Lantern. The heroine is carried away and wakes up in a cage, as The Madame continues to joke about the missing Supergirl. She drags The Green Lantern from the cage and leads her to a nearby bed, explaining she’s going to show her exactly what happened to Supergirl. Once on the bed, The Madame starts to making out with The Green Lantern. Much to The Green Lantern’s surprise, she finds herself enjoying it, even though she doesn’t want to. The Madame kicks things up by pulling out a shard or kryptonite, but is quickly reminded that will have no effect on her current victim. She tosses the shard aside and revels a power stealing device that once attached to the heroine’s chest, slowly makes The Green Lantern pass out. The Madame then carries the sleeping heroine back to her cage.

You guys already know how awesome Cali Logan is as the cute, helpless, jobber or heroine, but this one is her as evil and maniacal super villain. Cali is very cruel to Cherie, tying her up, using her lazer guns on her, putting her in a cage, doing as she pleases with her body and loving every bit of it. Cherie is awesome as our captured heroine. She’s shocked, surprised and offended about everything that Cali does to her. She is super sexy and very convincing in her role. There’s a good number of KOs in this vid, some creative torture/humiliation techniques and some seriously excellent acting from both talented girls. I love the outfits and lack thereof, for Cherie at least. I like that there’s a lot of fetishes covered in this, but they don’t stick on one thing too long and the keep the vid moving along. I do wish the cage scene was a little longer, but it keeps the vid exciting. Overall, this has all the elements of a good superheroine video with two outstanding girls.

Overall score: 8.5/10