Review of The Rescue Mission

Review of The Rescue Mission – 26.5 min

This is a very creative custom idea. We start out in a POV, with you at your home, when suddenly there’s some banging at your door. Carrie in a Karate gi kicks it in and without a word she starts kicking your ass. You start scrambling on the floor when you see Becca coming in through your back door. She tells you, basically, Carrie is under her control and she going to kidnap you and make you just like Carrie. You fight back a bit, but the girls win a take you hostage. You wake at Becca’s lair, Carrie ties you up, than Becca shows you her control over Carrie, giving her orders and humiliating her with some submissions and a pin. In the meantime, your friend goes to hire Agent Layla to got save you. We see her beat up a group of Becca’s guards. While Layla is working her way in, Becca is training with Carrie. Carrie doesn’t seem to be under Becca’s control and is quick to get the better of Becca. Becca is forced to take control of Carrie to stop her from beating her. Once back under her control, Carrie is easily beaten by Becca. Becca is mid sleeper when she hears Layla breaking in. She tells Carrie to hide and waits for Layla to enter. Becca is cocky when Layla enters, but once they fight, Becca is clearly out classed. Becca calls Carrie to come help. Becca takes off to the back while Carrie fights Layla in the ring. Carrie puts up a good fight, but Layla comes out on top. Once Carrie is taken care of, Layla heads to the back where Becca is beating you up. Layla lets Becca try and fight her, but Becca is no match and is taken out easily. Layla frees you and handcuffs Becca, she drags Becca out, pass the still out cold Carrie and you follow, rescue mission is a success.

I got to give credit to this custom creator for really thinking out of the box. Never could have thought of so many different things to jam into this video. I really like the control Becca had over Carrie, really cool idea. It was clear that Becca was the brains, not the brawn in this duo. Even the few punches that she got during the kidnapping, showed she’s not too tough. Although she definitely acted like she was the toughest girl on the planet. She played that perfect. I don’t think that role couldn’t have been better balanced. I really love all the fem vs fem action. Never been a big fan of the POV being on the losing side, but it works for this vid. Becca and Layla’s outfit were outstanding, than has to be mentioned. The story is put together well, there’s even a really great feeling of success at the end of this. Overall, big points for the creativity, well done story and a great job for all in involved.

Overall Score: 8/10