Review of The Queen Bashes Becca

Review of Fem Wrestling RoomsThe Queen Bashes Becca – 22 MIns

Antoinette(1)We fade in on the lovely Antoinette waiting impatiently for Becca to show up for their wrestling match. Becca finally arrives, making fun of Antoinette which was a BIG mistake! Antoinette headlocks her, belly punches her, then tosses her in the ring to begin this sexy wrestling match! You’ll see all of the lovely holds that you’ve come to love in our “Queen of the Ring” series, along with lots of new moves. Antoinette dominates as usual, but the spunky Becca manages to turn the tables for a while to tie the score at 2 falls apiece. But Antoinette is simply too much to handle and cute little Becca ends up being a plaything for our Hispanic beauty! The match finally ends with Becca being rolled out of the ring then smacked on the head with a blackjack for the final knockout!

Becca challenging the queen again, and again she gets destroyed, for the most part. I’ll never get tired of seeing Becca ending up on the losing end of a battle. She does get a little offence in there too, so it’s not a total squash. Becca even manages to body slam Antoinette, which was mighty impressive. Antoinette plants a little weapon in the beginning for an added “bonus” KO at the end, with a quick blackjack shot to the head for one more nice eyerolling KO. If you’ve seen one of these Queen of the Ring vids, then you know happens here, a couple of sexy pins a few KOs and plenty of fun a few unique wrestling moves, nothing to really complain about. Overall, both girls look outstanding and put on a pretty great show. If you’re a fan or this series then you will definitely love this one. Two of FWR’s best doing what they do best.

Overall Score: 9/10