Review of The Punisher

Review of Fem Wrestling RoomsThe Punisher – 16 Mins

BECCAHere’s another creative custom video that brings YOU into the action! Becca is a “Punisher” and works for an underground vigilante group. She’s hired by the court system to take care of minor criminals to free up the justice system for more important cases. The video starts with Becca leading you, her new boyfriend, to her special facility to show you what she does. She’s had a hard time keeping boyfriends when they find out about her job but she’s hoping you’ll be the one who accepts and enjoys it! We enter the studio and find a young girl (Madison) standing in the ring wearing a bikini and looking rather nervous. Becca climbs in the ring while you watch from ringside and strips down to a tiny bikini then puts a pair of fingerless gloves on. She blows you a kiss and the fight begins. The video switches from your point of view to inside the ring as it quickly becomes evident that Becca has intense strength and has the other girl crying out in pain! She punches out the criminal in the corners and on the ropes then traps the helpless girl in the ropes to punch her out some more. She constantly taunts Madison and enjoys her TOTAL domination over the scared young girl! Becca rolls Madison out of the ring to give you a close-up view of some of her favorite wrestling holds, all the time smiling at you and asking if you’re enjoying yourself. Madison endures single and double leg boston crabs, a camel clutch, bow and arrow, grapevine pin, surfboard hold, and a dragon sleeper, then tosses the whimpering cutie back into the ring. An arm bar and hammerlock totally disable Madison’s arms and as she kneels helplessly in the center of the ring with her arms hanging limply, Becca comes over to you at ringside and asks if you’d like her to finish Madison off with a whimper or a bang? You say “Both!” and Becca loves how you’re really into her job! A ground and pound punch out soon knocks Madison out and Becca flexes her beautiful muscles for you then the two of you leave hand in hand. This amazing script uses two camera views, one of your point of view outside the ring and another of the ring action inside the ring. You’ll LOVE Becca’s total domination and Madison’s total humiliation!

One thing I love to see is new reasons for the fights to happen and this is definitely a new one, that I would never think of and it works really well. Another thing I love to see is total domination. Becca is complete control of Madison, from beginning to end. Becca does a great job beating Madison down with lots of punches and showing off her awesome body with some very good submission holds. Madison sells this amazingly, giving us some great reactions and just being completely helpless the whole time. Nothing over the top, just very good selling. I like the POV aspect of this vid too. Becca is super cute as she flirts with you and tries to impress you by destroying Madison, I was impressed. It was a nice little addition to the video that really didn’t take away for the total domination. I could see this being a series of vids, as Becca gets to destroy a bunch of different criminals. I think that could be fun.

Overall Score: 9.5/10