Review of The Pro’s of KO’s

Review of Spectrum Custom RequestsThe Pro’s of K O’s – 17 mins

Jacquelyn Velvets and Sleeperkid have asked their good NJ pal Keri Spectrum to teach them some grappling techniques to take back with them to Atlanta. Keri of course wants to help out, so she enlists Sahrye to assist her in exhibiting some submission holds. Little do the two southern sleepy/wrestling producers know, however, that Keri has a trick up her sleeve, she wants to see how many times she can make Jacquelyn and Sleeperkid tap in her holds. Sahrye and Keri both pick a hold to apply first, with Keri grabbing Sleeperkid and Sahrye taking Miss Velvets. Keri applies a Go Go Plata choke, cutting off air to his windpipe. Sahrye keeps it simple and deadly with her crushing body scissors on the sexy Jacquelyn. The southern power couple is caught off guard and tapping out wildly in no time, but Keri and Sahrye are very slow to let them go. They jokingly pretend they can’t hear them tap. When they finally do release them, they apologize and say they were just having some fun, and move onto the next hold. Keri gets Jacquelyn in the Go Go Plata next, with Sahrye slapping a high and tight school girl pin on SK. While applying the pin, Sahrye uses a HOM (hand over mouth) smother and nose pinch. Jacquelyn and Santiago learn again very quickly that the two Spectrum grappler’s aren’t joking at all. Keri and Sahrye feel like they’ve humiliated their two friends sufficiently, high fiving one another and laughing before standing up to walk off the mats. Sleeperkid and Jacquelyn have other plans, though. They jump up and slap sleeper holds tightly on Keri and Sahrye, desperate for payback! Keri and Sahrye go wide eyed in shock, kicking their legs wildly, trying to escape.  However, they sink to their knees, and slowly they succumb. With Keri still out, Sleeperkid and Jacquelyn decide to have a bit of fun with Sahrye. They wake her up with SK applying a figure four leg lock and Jacquelyn applying a face sit. Sahrye howls out in pain from the leg lock, but her yells are cut short by Miss Velvet’s face sit. They torture her for a bit before sending her out again, just as Keri starts to come to. The revenge seeking couple hops up and goes for the blonde next. SK bends Keri’s back into a boston crab, while Jacquelyn applies a hand over mouth smother from a camel clutch position. They take their time pouring on the pain, using on Keri to ensure she’s well aware what is happening to her. They relish in their revenge before finally sending her out. The next knock outs delivered are a double head scissor knock out, with Jacquelyn applying to Sahrye and SK applying to Keri. Once the two ladies are out, SK has a grand idea, to deliver two tombstone pile driver finishers as the ultimate knock out punishment. One at a time, SK delivers devastating tombstone’s to the Spectrum girls, leaving himself and Jacquelyn the undisputed (and unofficial?) champions of Spectrum!

This is a cool vid where the competitive grappling world and the wrestling world collide. Keri and Sahrye thought they could get away with having some fun with their pals, Jacquelyn Velvets and Sleeperkid. Although they did fall into their trap at first, once they wised up, they became hell-bent on getting revenge, and they got it. The power couple doesn’t hold back as they extract their revenge and this is where the party starts for me.  Jackie and SK use their collective trade talents to KO the grapplers. I love how shocked Keri and Sahrye were when Jackie and SK attacked, as if they were just going to let them walk away. Than, all the tag team moves they used were great, a facesit/figure four leg lock combo is something I don’t see every day. Of course Sahrye and Keri sell it all perfectly as they franticly try to escape, only to fail and pass out from the deadly holds. To wrap things up, Jackie stacks her poor grappling buddies on top of each other, for a pancake style facesit KO and you know you can’t have SK around and not get a few piledrives, as Keri and Sahrye both get one before this comes to a close. Overall, this vid has some really cool moves I’ve never seen before and may never again, plenty of KOs and great selling, as well as some super sexy outfits and camera angles, an all-around fun and creative video, great for a couple laugh and some really sexy KOs.

Overall Score: 9/10