Review of Sleeperkid’s WorldTHE PERFECT CON 6 – 12 mins

CadenceFILMED AT FETISHCON 2015!!!!   AND STARRING Nikki Fierce and Cadence Lux!

Agent Nikki Fierce has been tasked with repeatedly taking out a small army of Super-Cadence clones in a vigorous VR program and, you guessed it… she does so with flying colors! The beautiful Cadence falls victim to Nikki’s FIERCE attacks until a final barrage of KOs secures Fierce’s place at the SKW agency… as well as every KO fan’s heart!

More Cadence getting knocked out? Yes please! As I’ve said in recent history, I am officially a huge fan of Cadence. I love the way she sells and how amazing she looks. Her eyes are definitely the best thing about her selling, they’re just so expressive, even without being able to roll them back, I can’t get enough of her eyes during her knockouts. This vid is simply her getting knocked out again and again, and you just can’t go wrong with that! And of course since she’s playing Supergirl, we get a great kryptonite assisted KO and an amazing cape choke out KO, with some great tongue protrusion. Nikki also helps make this one awesome, as she is just has a total blast easily dispatching the Supergirl clones. Overall, this vid is plain and simply a win for all knockouts fans.

Overall score: 9/10