Review of Sleeperkid’s WorldTHE PERFECT CON 5 – 22 mins

Lucky O’Shea stars as your spy agency’s boss and we fade in on her giving you a new assignment: pass a virtual reality stealth program with HER as the nameless sentry and you just MIGHT get a promotion. You’re ordered to begin immediately and you do so happily, taking joy in your work as you take out multiple versions of Lucky, clad in a variety of attire, leading to a final extended and creative “elimination” designed to impress your superiors. In the end, you pass the test with flying colors all while getting to take down your own boss as a bonus.

Fetcon 2015 brings us another great performer, but this awesome talent shouldn’t be new to you guys, because she’s been in SKW before. Lucky O’Shea, who’s been not only know for being a badass, but an amazing jobber as well, puts on a really fun show in this POV sentry video. Lucky sells all the KOs jammed into this one a little silly and over the top, with twitching, tongue protrusion and lots of eyerolling and crossing. Lucky also changes outfits after also every KO and looks great in every one of them. The last “creative” KO easily steals the show as Lucky is hypnotized in to believing an invisible man is attacking her. SK is a little fast on the commands, but lucky rolls with it like the pro that she and makes it awesome! Overall, Lucky delivers us another amazing, memorable performance. If you don’t know Lucky, than this is a great introduction to this amazing lady.

Overall score: 9.5/10