Review of Sleeperkid’s WorldTHE PERFECT CON 4 – 18 mins

The beautiful CADENCE LUX faces NIKKI FIERCE in this amazing multi-fall pro style hotel battle!  The blows and KOs fly as both ladies struggle to be the last woman standing, but only one will prevail. Here’s the breakdown. Round One:  Nikki takes the early lead with a lock up, knee to the gut, and sleeper hold KO on Cadence. Round Two: An angry Cadence dominates with a bearhug and THREE brutal belly splashes for the KO. Round Three:  Nikki nails several forearms to Cadence’s face, belly blows against the wall, and three high-flying X-Factors for the KO. Round Four: Cadence slams Nikki’s face into a nearby dresser and follows up with multiple face punches, an uppercut, and a series of brutal split leg drops to the throat for a KO. Round Five: Nikki attacks with a fireman’s carry that turns into an airplane spin.  She tosses the stunned Cadence on the bed and KOs THREE times in a row with a regular, figure four, and reverse neckscissors set. Round Six: Cadence reverses a bearhhug with a head butt and works Nikki’s abs over, only to nail Nikki with a WINE BOTTLE to the jaw! Cadence finishes the dazed Nikki of with a tight sleeper for the KO.  A quick squeeze from a neck scissors makes sure Nikki is totally out cold. Round Seven: Nikki attacks with a sudden neck pinch that slowly renders Cadence unconscious, only to carry her over her shoulder and toss her on the bed.  She grabs a nearby phone and slams the receiver into Cadence’s face, dazing her enough for the coup de grace blow to the back of the skull!  A final pillow smother KO ends it for Cadence. Round Eight: Cadence attacks with a deadly sleeper, but Nikki replies with a “freeze” pressure point technique that leaves Cadence paralyzed!  A sudden punch leaves Cadence out cold while still standing, leading to Nikki “un-freezing” her with another KO jab.  Nikki decides to end it all with a big finisher, nailing a bed POWER BOMB and followed up with a belly splash for the final KO, and the winning pin.

I always love Fetcon, because every year we get new faces to do some stuff for SKW and hopefully like it enough to come to Atlanta to shoot some more. This time we are introduced to Nikki Fierce and Cadence Lux. Cadence isn’t new to me, because she’s worked with Cali and Keri before. One of my favorite things about this one is the outfits, with two fan fans, a bikini and the silver one piece, with boots and kneepads. Both Nikki and Cadence look amazing their outfits. Another really good thing about this one is that there are so many rounds with a lot of really great KOs and reactions. Cadence has a really expressive face and makes tons of great faces, both while winning and losing, and Nikki was better at eyerolling and she even kept her eye open throughout one of the KOs. My last mention about is one is the foreign objects. A couple of great makeshift weapons were used in this, from the hotel phone, to a wine bottle and a pillow, were used to take down the competitors here. Overall, a great back and forth battle with a lot of great KOs and touches that cover a lot of the things the fans like to see and a great intro to Nikki and Cadence, if you’ve never seen them in action before.

Overall Score: 9/10