Review of THE NEW SLEEP MISTRESS 2 – 16 min

Anther throwback review, that was requested in my forum section. In this one Ivy get caught talking trash about Jackson acting weird. Jackson is quick to attack Ivy from behind. However, a sleeper reversal gives Ivy control 1st. Ivy puts Jackson through a couple of KOs than lands her patented splash off the chair and goes for the pin. Everything looks good for Ivy, but her pin suddenly gets turned into as scissors and Ivy can do nothing to break free as she gets put to sleep. From her on it Jackson’s show as she runs Ivy through the ringer. She continues her domination till Ivy admits her defeat, then Jackson gives her one more punch for the road and carries her away.

Over the top KO fans can stop reading here and go grab this one. Ivy is the star of this one, as her over the top reactions are awesome. Jackson did a great job too while she was being KO’d, but her reactions weren’t exaggerated, no where near as much as Ivy’s were. So, that’s really about it, Awesome, AWESOME, selling from Ivy, tons or great techniques from Jackson that all end in KO for poor Ivy. If you like exaggerated KO reactions, like tongues sticking out and lots of eye rolling, than you should of had this a long time ago.

Overall Score: 9.5/10