This is a crazy one, jam packed with action. We have Amanda Ruffen, Sin-D, Fantasy, and Ellena teaming up to take on Sumiko in a gauntlet style match. I’m not going to go round by round, because honestly this there is a lot that happens ad that would just take forever. I’ll just keep it short for each round. 1st up is Ellena and she didn’t stand too much of a chance. She had control for a little, but not for too long. Than Sumiko takes over and wipes the floor with Ellena. Next is Amanda and she really gets Sumiko on the ropes, but some how Sumiko survives and soon takes down Amanda. Next up is Fantasy and she makes what Amanda did to Sumiko look like nothing, yet some how once again Sumiko won’t stay down and before you know it Fantasy is out too. Sin-D is last up, but having seen what Sumiko has over come, Sin-D wants none of Sumiko and walks off. Sumiko is complaining that she was really ready to take down Sin-D, when Sin-D attacks from behind with a chair. Now Sin-D goes on the attack trying to take down Sumiko with the help of the chair. Even after all these devastating moves Sumiko still kicks out. Sin-D knows she’s in trouble and tries to wake the rest of her team, but she has not luck. Sumiko is up now and pretty easily destroys Sin-D from here. As you guys know, once they are all defeated one on one, they get to on Sumiko all at one. Well, they aren’t in any shape to fight and Sumiko takes them one and at time, gives them a few punches and a stomp on the ground to finish them off. Than a final split pin over all them as a cherry on top.

Sumiko must have taken her indestructible pills or power up drink or something because she took enough of a beating to kill 7 regular men and still came up fighting! It really makes this a great match. Most of the gauntlet matches the one girl normally has an easy time, but this not like that, especially with Sumiko makes this really really fun to watch. All the other girls sell this really great too. They did well in control and even better when they where losing. I think it’s pretty safe to say that this is my favorite gauntlet match ever. Its a super fun match, really action packed, Sumiko cannot be stopped no matter what they do to her and a great split pin at the end.

Overall Score: 9/10


  • sl0an