Review of Sleeperkid’s WorldTHE MOTHER OF ALL BATTLES: part 5 – 13 mins

In this multi-fall battle, rookie pro Ellena faces off against her mother Fantasy in a battle that starts off with some great back and forth action, but ends in one heck of a squash that leaves the rookie youngster completely obliterated on the mats. Each round ends with a pin and victory pose. Fantasy dominates first with belly punches and a tight sleeper. Ellena reverses a sleeper in the next round via a chinbuster then dominates. This trend continues till the final round, Fantasy is visibly furious at this point, and she shows it by reversing Ellena’s clothesline and hitting one of her own at full speed.  Fantasy follows by completely destroying Ellana with several brutal KOs and a couple of piledrivers before she finally takes the final pin on her poor outclassed daughter.

I always like it when the Moms come out on top, that just how it should be, experience wins. The final round really makes this one different from any other back and forth, multi fall vid. Fantasy really takes it to Ellena in that round, to the point at is really does start feeling like a squash match, which is great. As for the rest of the match, it’s a normal back and forth match, with good selling from both girls. Fantasy is the stand out performer, her experience and comfort it clear, as Ellena does look a little nervous at times, but overall she sells well too. The match as a whole is well done, well sold, there are enough pins and KOs for me and the last round is just down right awesome.

Overall Score: 8.5/10