Review of THE MOTHER OF ALL BATTLES: part 10

Review of Sleeperkid’s WorldTHE MOTHER OF ALL BATTLES: part 10 – 30 mins

JESSIEIn this epic handicap battle, the lovely Jessie Belle starts off at the end of her match against Ellena, who she’s easily dispatching with a sleeper hold KO! Jessie goes for the pin, but Ellena’s mom Fantasy runs in and delivers a set of stomps and a reverse neckbreaker that leaves Jessie out cold! Fantasy wakes her daughter up and the two proceed to unleash a beatdown on the redheaded pro star!! Ellena and Fantasy take turns pinning and counting out their victim, then we fade in to a few hours later, with both Ellena and Fantasy bragging about their victory to the camera. Mostly recovered, an angry Jessie Belle sneaks out from the locker room and delivers a brutal double low blow that floors the tag team! Hungry for vengeance, Jessie proceeds to destroy her tormentors…culminating in a brutal set of OUTDOOR PILEDRIVER KOs and a set of pins, fulfilling her quest for revenge.

This vid is an amazing two for one set up, as Fantasy and Ellena dominate the first and Jessie Belle gets her revenge in the other half, both parts are amazing. Fantasy comes in to save her daughter, as she does, because Ellena is always biting off more than she can chew. The mother/daughter duo really do damage on the fiery redhead, lots of really impressive moves and plenty of KOs. Ellena actually shows a little personality, taking a bit trash for what feels like the first time ever. Jessie is an unbelievable seller. She give us lots of beautiful reactions, great eyerolling and a good amount of twitching, even a little tongue protrusion from a crazy tag team rope choke. I would have been totally fine if this video ended after the successful pins by Ellena and Fantasy. But Jessie recovers and come for vengeance. Jessie dominates both girls with ease, being super entertaining with lots of trash talk, as she does better than just about anyone. Fantasy and Ellena sell pretty great as well, not anywhere near as much twitching as Jessie did, but they both twitch a little and give us nice reactions. Ellena’s selling gets a little better very time, she still closes her eyes for a lot of her selling, but I sell see her improving and getting more conformable. Jessie drags them outside to finishes them off, because she didn’t want to end it like Sapphire did. Those piledriver are always crazy and always cool to see. I just wish they’d cause some overselling, like crazy twitching, or drooling, or something. Something to show just how crazy it is to piledriver someone on concrete. Anyway, a final bodypile and victory pose seals the deal on Jessie revenge. Overall, this is the Jessie Belle show, she is just so incredible on both sides of this, win or lose, Jessie is going to make it great.

Overall Score: 9.5/10