Review of The Luna Bot

Review of Velvets FantasiesThe Luna Bot – 34 Mins

LunaWe fade in on Sleeperkid testing out his brand new Luna doll as he marvels over the robot’s realistic construction and overall beauty.  He uploads her starting program and boots her up, sparking off an evening of fun as he proceeds to issue commands that elicit amazing responses from his new toy!  The Luna Doll is asked to speak, power down, go limp, and more… but it’s after SK uploads a special “Damsel in Distress” sub-program that things get really interesting.  The Luna Doll reacts to several knockouts, freeze commands, and even performs a robotic strip-tease that gets mixed in with several other KOs, carries, and limp ragdolling.  Realizing that his fiancée Miss Velvets is almost home, SK panics and sloppily hides the doll, exiting the premises before his lady can catch him in the act! A furious Miss Velvets discovers the Luna doll and yells for SK, screaming that they’d AGREED not to purchase something THAT expensive.  As she looks around the room for her man, the Luna bot self-activates and says “Female intruder:  ALERT.  Must render … unconscious.”  Before Jacquelyn can react, Luna traps her in a vise-like throat grab and lifts her into the air.  We hear Velvets gasp as her legs kick, her feet going limp as Luna’s grip knocks her out cold.  Luna releases her victim and powers back down as everything fades to black…

I’ve seen a bunch of these fembot videos, but this one takes the cake. Luna is perfection, acting everything out just right and looking amazing from every angle and there are a lot of very good angles. I love the games the play with the KOs and the freezing, making Luna lock in great expressions and positions, then knocking her out slowly. As well as “uploading” programs that cause great eyerolling and even twitching at times from Luna. The lovely Miss Velvets make an appearance near the end of the video, just to get choked out by the incredibly powerful robot, which was very good, it’s always great to see those awesome eyerolls from Jacquelyn. This video is a ton of fun to watch and is very very sexy. Luna is absolutely amazing. SK is perfect, witty and fun as well. This clip and Elsa’s video, The Worst Date, are my two favorite Velvets Fantasies videos right now.

Overall Score: 9.5/10