Review of The Knockout Girls

Review of Velvets FantasiesThe Knockout Girls – 27 MIns

ELSAIn this EPIC custom, we fade in on four sexy spies, played by Jacquelyn Velvets, Lucy Purr, Niki Lee Young, and beautiful newcomer Elsa Ives in her official debut, making their way towards the house targeted in their most recent mission. The girls are obviously at odds, and Agent Velvets takes an early advantage, knocking each girl out before they can even make it through the door. The ladies eventually come to and meet up in the living room, groggy and angry as Velvets enters the scene. Turns out these agents have been ordered to take each other out as a training exercise, with whoever scores the most impressive KO to be labeled as the winner. The girls decide to strip down to their lingerie in order to avoid hidden weapons, and after we see a ton of them hit the floor the girls count down in unison for the first fight. Sneaky Velvets whips out a tranquilizer gun (God only knows from where) and takes all three ladies out, leaving them in a pile on the floor. Thus begins an epic 4 way fight that leads to almost every kind of knockout in existence, including some very steamy “drugged lipstick” kiss KOs! Bodies start to pile up over and over again as the girls take turns losing and winning these mini-battles, leading to a final winning KO from the beautiful Elsa, who uses a hypnotic orb to force a final triple knockout from her foes!

Here is another commonly seen video style from Velvets, although the titles change the idea stays basically the same, beautiful girls, bra, panties, hoses, KOs, and body piles and honestly there’s nothing wrong with that. Now there is something special about this one and that is this is the first video with Elsa Ives, ever. And I really love the way they introduced her. Every time the girls are talking, they look at Elsa and are like “who are you?” Because all the other girls are very well know. Elsa, being the badass she is, always replies with, “you don’t need to know” or something like that. For a while Jackie is running the show, but eventually gets taken out by Niki. Then Niki uses her KO lipstick to control everything for a while, but in the end it’s Elsa who gets the last laugh, but not before introducing herself to us and her sleeping competitors. I love how that was done. I also love all the great KOs that happened along the way, even getting a few KOs early on with the girls still having their heels on. We get some really sexy KO poses, including plenty of the fan favorite, “butt in the air” pose. The KO kisses have got to be the best KO method, ever, although there was plenty of other great methods. There are little bits of humor glittered all over this video, which all together makes this quite a great video to watch and a really great way to introduce us to the amazing Elsa Ives.

Overall Score: 9.5/10