Review of The Knock Out Realtors

Review of Spectrum Custom RequestsThe Knock Out Realtors – 18 mins

A house is up for sale and not one, but two very capable real estate agents show up ready to sell the property. Keri and Riley know one another from previous experiences, none of them good, and are not happy to be acquainted yet again. They bicker a bit and decide to check out the property together with Keri in the lead. Little does Keri know that Riley has a trick up her sleeve, Riley sneaks up behind Keri and swiftly neck chops the leggy blonde. Keri whips around, wide eyed and shocked to be struck. Her eyes roll dramatically as she slowly drops to her knees before finally hitting the grass and submitting to sleep.We see Riley enter the back yard and go into the cellar, only to cut back to Keri coming to. Keri is furious, knowing immediately that Riley is up to no good. She storms off towards the back yard in hot pursuit of her real estate foe, finding her in the cellar. They engage in a few harsh words before Keri gets aggressive and slaps on a tight sleeper hold. Riley is shocked that Keri has struck back and struggles adamantly, but to no avail. She slowly but surely sinks to her knees, eyes rolling and limbs going limp as Keri lays her out flat. To add insult to injury, Keri mocks her poor taste in shoes and removes them, taking them with her back outside. Once outside, Keri pauses to admire the back yard with ideas on proper selling points. She’s totally unaware that Riley has come to very quickly and has crept up behind her. She feels a tap on her shoulder and spins around just as Riley grabs back her shoes and swings them full force across Keri’s face. Keri is rocked hard by the force of and spins around, eyes rolling wide, dazed, before collapsing to the ground. Riley stalks off to check out the inside of the house. When Keri comes around again she is fuming. She storms into one of the condo and finds Riley taking photos of the living room. She has a trick up her sleeve and uses it. A rag! Riley struggles ferociously against the rag and displays crossed, glassy eyes as she slowly collapses to the floor. Keri isn’t satisfied, though, and being that they’re inside she takes it a step further. She strips Riley of her dress and bra, exposing her body. She plays with her limp body, exploring her arms and legs, doing eye checks and playing with her mouth/lips. Satisfied that Riley won’t be coming to any time soon, she saunters into the kitchen. While Keri is getting some water, Riley comes in holding her recently removed dress and is clearly unhappy. She is shocked at the level of humiliation this dispute has reached and expresses that to Keri. Keri laughs it off, but Riley isn’t going along with it. Riley lashes out at Keri, wrapping her dress around Keri’s neck from behind. Keri doesn’t have any time to react before Riley has a tight grip and is squeezing hard around her throat. She kicks out furiously but Riley is too strong and has the upper hand. She sinks slowly to the floor, wide eyed and rolling. Riley repays the favor of nudity by undressing Keri as well, leaving her in her bra and panties. She knows that Keri will come to, and is prepared. She is ready for the final battle. When Keri comes around, she immediately goes in search of Riley. She finds her in the master bedroom, waiting on the bed for her. They decide to have a final round in which the person who wins will be the winner of the property and who will reap the benefits of all of the sales. The rules are simple: classic cat fight style, with the first lady to be rendered unconscious is the loser. They go at it hard, locking body to body with hands intertwined in hair, pressed together. This lasts a good few minutes before they both get their hands around one another’s throats. They squeeze tightly, applying pressure with greater force the more they feel themselves become weak. Things start to go dark for them both at the same time, and they collapse simultaneously on the bed. Perhaps the first person to awaken will be the winner of the property?

I’m going to go ahead and start this one by saying, I love this video. This is a great back and forth sleepy action vid, with a simple, yet perfectly set up and executed storyline. It takes literally two seconds to figure out that Keri and Riley know each other and don’t like each other. Riley gets the action started by taking down Keri first. Keri oversells it a little bit, which is always great to see. She ever remembers to be a little dazed as she gets back to her feet, before going on the attack. That might seems like an obvious thing, but you’d be surprised how often that little touch is forgotten, so I’m happy when I see it. Riley sells pretty great too, I haven’t seen her in action before, but i definitely want to see her again. She’s got an awesome body, which Keri puts on display for us, eventually stripping her to nothing but her panties. Through the battle we get some good limp play too, especially while one of them is being stripped down. In the end, we don’t get a true winner, as they both choke each other out, which was a very slight disappointment, because I wanted someone to come out on top, for the storyline. I kind of hope there could be a second part to this, where they fight it out around the house again, or maybe someone else comes in and beats them both up and take the sale for themselves. Either way I had a ton of fun watching this one, from the back and forth KOs, to the stripping and limp play, all perfectly sold and delivered. I want more of this, or more like this, ASAP.

Overall Score: 9.5/10