Review of The Knock Out Foot Agents

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Review of Spectrum Custom RequestsThe Knock Out Foot Agents – 17 Mins

CadenceCadence and Riley have been called in by the director of Special Forces without any specific details other than the location to arrive at. When they walk in, they find a living space void of anyone or anything else except for a solitary note on the couch. When they read through the note, they find that they will be going after a high level criminal who has recently become an increasingly dyer threat to the world at large. During his attacks, he utilizes a rare technique to subdue his victims: a chemical that renders them unconscious. The Special Forces director has set up a test to see which of the rival agents will be up for the daunting task of taking down criminal X. Cadence and Riley both believe they are suited to bring him in and are roaring to get started. They must use the liquid chemical on their feet, dampening them, before placing them over the opposing agent’s nose and mouth. The agent must fight to remain with her wits about her and not fall victim to sleep. Cadence applies to her feet first, and what comes quickly from Riley’s slow, eye rolling surrender is Cadence’s own awareness that she is aroused by her victim’s feet. She kisses and caresses them before Riley awakens. The two take turns going back and forth, the test to be one in which the winner shall be deemed the last agent standing, Riley and Cadence go out over and over in various foot smother positions, both unaware that they are equally turned on and aroused by one another’s sexy soles and feet after the chemical has set in and done its job. Following many delicious foot sucks, licks, rubs, kisses, and even sensual groin stimulation, the two beautifully revved up blonde agents admit how horny they are from all of the going out and foot play. Deciding that they can both go out with a bang, they do a sexy double foot smother before collapsing together in a pile on the couch.

Here’s one that escalates quickly, Cadence and Riley start out very professional, here only to complete their training, but after they quickly strip off their clothes and start knocking each other out, they get really excited about each other’s feet. They try to hide their arousal at first, Cadence even tries to be out raged buy Riley’s advances, but by the end they both get too carried away and get caught in the act. They both act and sell this perfectly, making the KOs and their arousal very believable. I love the eye rolling, both girls can’t do full white eyes, but definitely still look great. I like how they try to hide their mischievous acts, only to get caught later. If you haven’t figured it out yet, there’s lots of great foot shots in the one and even with me not being the biggest foot fan, the KOs and great selling made this one very enjoyable. Also don’t get me wrong, I am a foot fan, it’s just not the biggest thing I look for. These girls are awesome and put on a great performance for us in this one.

Overall Score: 8.5/10