Review of The Intruder

Review of Cali’s CustomsThe Intruder – 33 Mins

intruderCat Burglar Sinn Sage has sneaked into the home of Cali Logan and Niki Lee Young in search for some valuable treasures to steal. As she begins to snoop around, they unexpectedly come home and begin chatting about their night. Sinn quickly sneaks behind the couch and hides while the girls take a seat. Not able to see any way out of this mess, Sinn picks up her baton and bonks Niki hard in the head, sending her falling to the ground. Cali demands to know what’s going on, but before she can even finish her sentence, she is afforded the same treatment. The intruder admires the girls as they lie motionless in their sexy, silky pantyhose and instead of covering her butt and getting the hell outta there, she decides to have a little fun. She rubs the girl’s bodies, removes some of their clothing and arranges them into naughty positions. Niki wakes up and sees Sinn fondling her roommate, then takes action and clamps a sleeper hold onto her neck. With the intruder out of the way, Niki wakes up Cali and they carry Sinn onto the couch where they remove her clothes. Then they go to rummage through her bag to see what she has stolen. What they find is strange and interesting. Cloths, powders, masks… Cali picks up a spray can and depresses the nozzle. Just a few moments later, she goes out. Though Niki is confused, she likes what she sees when Cali goes limp on the floor, so helpless with no idea what’s going on. She spends some time caressing the sleeping beauty before Sinn wakes up and puts her out again. The trio takes turns being the aggressor until they are all awake at the same time, accusing each other of wrong doing. They end up in a 3-way fight with lots of limp play until finally Sinn leaves both girls down for the count, walking away with her bag of loot, and mind full of amazing memories.

Sinn Sage, Cali Logan and Niki Lee Young in a crazy KO filled video, wearing only pantyhose, bras and panties. There is literally no way to go wrong with this combination. This one has a great simple set up that gets the action started almost right away. We get tons of KOs and it doesn’t take the girls too long to start turning on each other, turning this into a free for all. They use all sorts of great KO toys and every time two of the girls are out, the one who still awake take the chance to help themselves to the sleeping ladies bodies. I love the all the girls reactions, they all do some pretty great eyerolling. There’s tons of great limp play as the girls can’t wait to play with each other. I really like the variety of KOs, a few unexpected KOs and plenty of great KO positions, including plenty of body piles and just laid out on the floor. It’s a great vid, with great girls and a ton of KOs. Sinn finally gets away in the end, but not before getting her fair share of KOs. It’s a ton of fun really sexy and easily worth checking out.

Overall Score: 9/10