Review of The Hottest Brunette

Review of Fem Wrestling RoomsThe Hottest Brunette – 15.5 mins

When LeAnn confronts Kat in the bedroom, the two brunettes immediately get into a shoving match after each proclaims herself the hottest brunette at FWR. Rick intervenes and sets the rules: A wrestling match on the bed until one beauty strips the other down to her bikini. Sounds like fun, right? Well, they waste little time going at it in this back and forth match featuring plenty of scissors and knockouts. Kat is the first girl to be knocked out and lose her t-shirt, but she rallies back and before you know it, LeAnn is knocked out in a triangle scissors. Kat removes LeAnn’s top and the score is tied. Round three finds the girls going back and forth a bit with a torture rack and a camel clutch, but Kat resorts to some dirty tactics and uses LeAnn’s shirt to choke her, and then tie her wrists behind her back. A one legged head scissor knocks LeAnn out and Kat is able to remove the sexy girl’s shorts to become the winner. But this little girlfight doesn’t end here as Kat turns her back on LeAnn to celebrate her dubious victory. LeAnn frees her hands and attacks Kat from behind, using the garment to choke her. Kat is thrown on the bed and knocked out by a reverse figure four scissors and LeAnn finally removes her shorts. LeAnn then becomes very sadistic and wakes Kat up only to knock her out again with a grapevine pin and breast smother! We’re still not sure who the hottest brunette at FWR … is so we’ll let you decide!

Here’s a fun little change of pace for our FWR videos, this one comes out of the ring and into the bedroom for a nice little stripping match. It starts out as a nice back and forth headscissors battle, but soon KOs start coming in and clothes start coming off. I was happy to see that each time someone lost some clothes, they were KO’d first. The back and forth chatter was great too. Both girls clearly wanted to claim the title of hottest brunette and fought hard to get it. Kat plays a little dirty, using LeAnn’s shirt to choke her and tie her hand to KO her and take her shorts, but LeAnn didn’t let it end like that, as she comes to and KOs Kat taking her shorts. So, even though Kat technically won first, LeAnn is the last one standing. As far as who’s the hottest FWR brunette? I think I have to give the slight, slight edge to LeAnn. Her selling in this was a little bit stronger and that makes her hotter in my book. Overall, a fun change of pace, taking the action out of the ring for a bit. We got some good, solid action from too incredibly hot brunettes, who still leave it debatable of who’s actually the hottest in FWR.
Overall Score: 9/10