Review of The Gig is Up

Review of Fem Wrestling RoomsThe Gig is Up – 12 Mins

BeccaBecca, a crime fighter, has tracked down the infamous jewel thief, Antoinette, to her lair. Becca finds Antoinette patiently waiting for her and anticipating her arrival. Antoinette offers that “IF” Becca can pin her or make her tap out, that she’ll let Becca take her in. Becca suits up and enters the ring eager and ready to wrestle. Becca surprises Antoinette and gets her into a corner and works her over. Our blond cutie takes complete control of Antoinette and wears her down with an arm bar, an over the knee back breaker, and a tight sleeper hold. On the verge of losing consciousness, Antoinette is able to elbow Becca in the belly to escape, but Becca quickly throws Antoinette to the mat again and puts her in a creative back bending leg lock as the brunette screams in pain! Becca gets Antoinette up and punches her in the face several times, confident that she’s about to knock this criminal out. But Antoinette, stumbling and on the verge of being beaten, suddenly throws a wild uppercut that instantly connects with Becca’s glass jaw, knocking her out! Becca limply falls into Antoinette’s arms and is picked up in a cradle carry and brought to the edge of the ring. Antoinette climbs out of the ring, throws a limp Becca over her shoulder and takes the sleeping beauty to the dressing room where she leaves her with a little note to read when she wakes up! Poor Becca doesn’t take in the criminal … this time!

Here is a video idea of just don’t see enough. The jobber girl comes in and dominates the more powerful heel, nearly wining the match, but suddenly is KO’d. Something like this happens to Anne-Marie all the time, but not quite like this. Becca is in total control of Antoinette for a little over half of the vid, but just when the cocky vigilante thinks she’s about to nail the KO punch, Antoinette delivers one of her own and Becca is flat lined, instantly. Then the completely out cold Becca, in her sexy one piece and lovely pink converse is carried away. Adding salt to the wound, Antoinette leaves a note: “better luck next time” tapped the to the sleeping beauties chest. Which we do get to see as the groggy Becca finally comes to, seeing the note, swearing her revenge. I just love how this was all wrestling, the POW, lights out. I wish Antoinette did a little ragdoll wrestling first, acting like she had to work hard for her victory, but this was still really cool. More glass jaw KOs please!

Overall score: 9/10