Review of Sleeperkid’s WorldTHE FIGHTING BALLERINA – 13 mins

We fade in on Alisa, decked out in ballerina attire, facing off against Sparrow, ready to fight in a bikini. After some smack talk, the battle begins with Sparrow taking an early lead. She nails Alisa in the gut with an punch, followed by a knee to the face. The two then exchange punches, knocking each other silly until an uppercut takes Alisa down. Alisa responds with a bearhug, but Sparrow nails a kidney punch, knocking both ladies to the mats. A catfight follows, with Sparrow pinning Alisa down and delivering some face punches. Alisa reverses the mount, attacking with some killer head butts. A dazed Sparrow is then subjected to some split kicks across the belly, but she counters by taking a bite at Alisa’s leg. A screaming Alisa falls to the ground, trying to crawl away. Sparrow mounts again and stops her cold with a sudden KO punch to the jaw. Exhausted, Sparrow makes her way to her feet and drags Alisa’s body to the edge of the mats. She goes for a finishing throat choke with her bare foot, but Alisa lands a body kick that toss the tiny fighter down. Alisa presses her newfound advantage, locking on a side neckscissors, coupled with some brutal punches to the face that soon put Sparrow out. Alisa stands the dazed Sparrow on her knees and delivers a brutal knee to the face. Sparrow falls, out cold, convulsing. A smiling Alisa makes sure her opponent is out with some post-KO stomps and some mounted punches to the face. The announcer calls the match and Alisa cheers as she performs her final victory pose, then leaves Sparrow to sleep off her defeat.

This is a really unique vid, it’s a good amount of talking, pretty much all trash talk, which both girls nail perfectly. There’s a lot of quick “resets”, as I call them, where all the fighting stops and the girls take a second to gather themselves. It beings a different speed to this vid, but I don’t want to call this one slow, because the fighting is fast. This isn’t a wrestling match, but a fist fight, so there’s isn’t any wrestling holds except for a scissors or two, but knees, kicks and punches, even a head butt or two. It’s done well, Alisa sells great, but Sparrow really sells it. The ending it a huge highlight for me, Sparrow gets KO’d and twitches from the knee to the face, then some post KO stomps and the finally punches make her tongue protrude for the final KO. All of that is really awesome. Overall, this is a very unique vid that give us some really solid trash talk, a fun and entertaining fight that ends spectacularly.

Overall Score: 9/10