Review of Sleeperkid’s WorldTHE DOWNFALL OF NINJA KYOKO – 20 mins

We see Sumiko at the FWR compound talking to SK. She’s says she’s supposed to have a match with Kyoko, but she’s late and she can’t blame her for being scared. That same moment a hand snakes out of no where and pinch Sumiko’s neck. Sumiko drops, out cold. Kyoko comes out from behind the curtain, in a full ninja outfit, than she dashes away. Sumiko wakes up a little woozy and really confused, she looks around, but sees no one. She’s suddenly attacked again from behind by Kyoko. This pattern continues till Sumiko stands in the middle of the ring, closes her eyes and focuses on her surroundings. When Kyoko approaches again, without warning, or moving a muscle, Sumiko grabs her by the throat. Then, with an “I got you now” look Sumiko KOs Kyoko, strips her of her ninja gear and commences a beat down, Kyoko will never forget. Sumiko goes all prostyle on the poor ninja, easily getting her payback, through many KOs and submissions. After Sumiko’s pin, Kyoko wakes up to leave, but just before exiting the room she turn back to the ring and Sumiko sneak attacks Kyoko, adding to her payback, with an extra neck chop just to make sure Kyoko stays out.

This a really fun idea for a video, I absolutely love watching Kyoko sneak attack Sumiko and Sumiko just never being able able to figure out where it’s coming form next. I could’ve had the entire video be that and I would have loved every bit of it. Sumiko had to show Kyoko she’s not the only ninja around, gaining the upper hand and earning her payback. After Sumiko has control the video turns from kind of a sentry style video to a one-sided prostyle beat down. Kyoko sells alright but, Sumiko really has a great time with it. Love the confidence of Sumiko for that part. Then the ending is prefect. It’s was a great idea to have Sumiko really have the last laugh, by sneak attacking Kyoko. Overall, an amazing set up, for a good one-sided squash, with a cherry on top conclusion.

Overall score: 8/10