Review of The Destruction of Becca

Review of Fem Wrestling RoomsThe Destruction of Becca – 13.5 mins

Becca’s standing in the ring telling her boss that she really doesn’t want to wrestle today. Just then, two trash-talking visiting pro wrestlers, Lucky O’Shea and Jezabel Romo, enter. They attack the terrified blond and begin one hell of a beatdown. They use all sorts combination holds, tossing her from corner to corner, boot chokes, stomps, a double choke slam, a double suplex, and a final tag team pile driver that brings screams of pain and submission to an end. The trash talking pro’s do several pins then throw the unconscious Becca out of the ring, than square up against each other for a “real match”

Poor Becca, that what this should be called. These badass pros have a total blast beating the crap out of Becca. I love all the tag team moves used on Becca, very creative and fun. Love Becca’s cute pink outfit and boots and of course her awesome selling. There’s no KOs till the last one, from a huge piledriver. Really enjoyed that and all the pins after, as well as rolling the KO’d Becca from the ring, when they were done. Overall, this is a great beatdown, really cool tag team moves and another awesome Becca beatdown video,

Overall score: 8.5/10