Review of The Creep

Review of Kayla’s Eternal DreamThe Creep – 36 Mins

KEDKayla comes home from a night out clubbing with friends. She is dressed in a sexy fitted dress with off black sheer to the waist pantyhose over panties and heels. She kicks off her heels, fixes a drink and sits on the couch and makes a quick call to a girlfriend who was with her. She is laughing and making fun of the guy who was hitting on her at the club. He has actually followed her home and snuck in while she was on the phone. He is watching her as she speaks. After a quick conversation she leaves the room momentarily. While she is gone, he sneaks in and puts something in her drink. She returns and sips her drink as she reads a book. After a minute or so she begins to feel uncomfortable and starts to squirm around crossing and uncrossing her legs. She slowly becomes drowsy and shakes her head trying to clear the cobwebs, finally slumping forward and sprawling out onto the floor. He quickly enters and checks her out carefully to make sure she is out. He tosses her onto the couch and is all over her feeling her up and fondling her nylon feet and legs. He moves her around in different positions as he continues to fondle her, playing with her limp body. He taunts her as he continues, removing her dress and bra and fondling her breasts. She resists weakly as she falls in and out of consciousness as he undresses her down to her pantyhose. He moves her around into different positions as he fondles her nyloned legs, ass, and feet. Finally he kneels in front of her as she lays back on the couch and begins to kiss, lick and nibble her feet slowly working his way up between her legs. As he moves up he throws one leg over his shoulder as he begins to lick and nibble at her inner thighs. As he works his way up she begins to slowly stir. She begins to slowly squirm and moan lightly as he continues to her nyloned crotch. He continues slowly as she becomes more aroused. He stops several times as she nears orgasm and talks to her teasing before bringing her to a forced orgasm. Her body twitches and she moans loudly as she climaxes. He quickly gets up and leaves the room as she slowly catches her breath. As she regains your her composure and tries to grab her cellphone, he returns from another room and attacks her from behind, slowly choking the life out of her with a pair of pantyhose.

Here’s a really nice Kayla vid that I recent noticed I didn’t review yet. I love this vid, Kayla and her boyfriend really take their time setting this one up and giving lots of time for everything to unfold. The best part of is the limp play. Kayla is just super limp the whole time, i love when she’s trying to fight the drugs, then just falls limp off the couch. Her boyfriend just puts her in all sorts of unusual positions and they’re all really sexy. After he’s done with the limp play he takes her dress and bra off and starts kissing and licking up her feet and legs, giving us nice looks at her feet while he’s at it. As he works his way up, Kayla starts squirming around getting excited to an eventual climax. It’s great watching Kayla as she’s unconsciously squirms around. Kayla wakes up after and knows she’s been taken advantage of and tries to call for help, but he attacks her from behind choking her with a panty hose for the finale. They absolutely nail this video, everything is sold extremely convincing and very sexy. I wouldn’t pass this one up, if you’re a Kayla fan or a limp play fan.

Overall score 9.5/10