Review of The Confrontation

Review of Fem Wrestling RoomsThe Confrontation – 15.5 Mins

SashaThis custom video is a straight out FIGHT! Two women, one older (Julie Winchester), and the other younger (Sasha). There’s little dialog and no real storyline other than these women are fighting for YOU. The ladies square up in the middle of ring, fists up, ready for battle. Julie is surprised that Sasha is able to get out of the way of her first few punches and even more shocked by Sasha’s counter punches. Sasha takes early control with some kicks to the face and stomach in the corner and a few snap mares, tossing the veteran fighter to the mat. Sasha allows Julie to gather herself and they meet again in the middle of the ring, this time Julie takes over with a low blow, followed by some knees to Sasha’s gut, a knee to the head, and some punches and knees against the ropes. A big uppercut knocks Sasha out cold! When Julie starts to pick Sasha up, the long haired brunette wakes up and is able to bend her leg over her own back and kick Julie in the head, giving Sasha control again. The ladies continue to battle back and forth with devastating face punches … both of them coming dangerously close to being finished off until finally, Julie is able to maintain control, punching Sasha all over the ring and knocking her out several times. A final monstrous uppercut puts Sasha out for good. Julie even drags the KO’d Sasha back to her feet, to make sure she’s out for good. The victorious Julie simply lets Sasha drop back to her knees before kicking her over and leaving Sasha out cold and face down in the middle of the ring. This fight is INTENSE and YOU get to witness it firsthand!

Although this one isn’t a total squash it’s definitely a nice display of Sasha’s selling talent. In fact both ladies do so pretty great selling, as they both come pretty close to defeat at times, but I’m really happy Sasha lost. I love the fighting style of this one. Lots of big punches and kicks as well as a few low blows. Sasha is the only one to get knocked and gets knocked out several times before the end this one and each KO she ends up spread eagle either face down are on her back, either is cool with me. I also love that Julie picks Sasha up by the hair while she’s still out cold, shows her sleeping face off to the camera and then just to kick her back down to the mats. It’s a pretty good fight overall with a good jobber/heel combo and a very good ending.

Overall score: 9/10