Review of Sleeperkid’s WorldTHE COMPLETE BELLY DESTRUCTION OF LUNA – 16 mins

Luna stars in this amazing custom battle featuring three segments, each one pitting the beautiful secret agent against the evil Machine. Though she might start out in control, the silver-clad fighter is quickly overwhelmed by The Machine’s attacks, all of which are aimed at her tender belly. In all three short stories, The Machine devastates Luna with uppercuts to the gut, causing to grunt and groan until a final solar plexus blow knocks her unconscious. The Machine adds insult to injury by, over-the-shoulder carrying the weakened agent from wall to wall, pounding on her gut until the last segment where a final solar plexus punch causes Luna to spit out a HUGE amount of drool, replayed in slow motion, right before she passes out for the last time.

Here is another example of my kind of belly destruction vid. Luna puts on a great show for us, really selling The Machine’s attacks with amazing reactions. I love the sound that Luna makes with each deep punch to her stomach. Each scene last a good amount of time, loaded with tons of punches and always ending with a great eyerolling KO. The last punch is the showstopper and the main event. That punch forces a ton of drool from Luna before she passes out and continues to drool over The Machine’s shoulder. That’s definitely the part that made this one special for me, but the whole production is solid. Overall, this is a great belly punching vid, with great selling, a gorgeous Luna and a couple of great KOs.

Overall Score: 9/10