Review of Sleeperkid’s WorldTHE COMPLETE BELLY DESTRUCTION OF GIA PRIMO – 15 mins

Gia Primo is seen panting on the ground, presumably after a long battle with The Machine, who’s also recovering. The Machine is up first and gets a hold of poor Gia, what follows is 15 minutes of belly destruction. The Machine wails on Gia, KO’ing her several times and tearing her abs apart with punches, kicks, knees, flurries and ground attacks, until a final KO leads to a post-knockout beatdown session. The Machine pounds on the sleeping Gia, forcing air out of her body with blow after blow until he’s finally satisfied, leaving his “calling card” on the sleeping beauty’s beaten belly.

Now this is how all belly beatdown clips should be, okay, well not all of them, but most of them. I love this clip, it’s my new favorite Gia Primo clip, ever. She looks outstanding, as always, I mean it’s pretty clear how hard Gia works on her body, very impressive. She sells in this better than I can honest ever remember her selling. I love how she sells this, with massive groans, blasts of air flying for her lungs, writhing in pain and even some overkill reactions at the end. The ending is definitely the cherry on top. Gia finally can take no more abuse and passes out for good, but that doesn’t stop the madman, we call The Machine. He continues attacking the sleeping Gia for a little while and as a I said before, Gia sells it perfect, it’s all just so good. Overall, this is way I love a belly beatdown vid, a awesome jobber, a psychopath heel, plenty of KOs, some overkill attacks and some over selling.

Overall Score: 9.5/10


  • Stan Johnston

    Gia looks great and sells devastation so well. Always a treat to see her lose. She’s been doing a lot of jobbing lately.

    • She has and has been doing better then ever. Never really loved her as a jobber but I have do in this.