Review of Sleeperkid’s WorldTHE CAMMY CHRONICLES: PART TWO – 18 mins

In an effort to sharpen her sentry-hunting skills before embarking on a vital mission, Agent Cammy is put through a barrage of sentry attack VR segments, designed around a single enemy guard, played by Hannah Perez.  Over the course of multiple attacks, Cammy, of course played by Alisa Kiss, takes Hannah out in a myriad of creative ways and even suffers a KO after a chloro attack from the pink-clad sentry.  In the end, the lone sentry is no match for Cammy and a final machine gunning ends the VR program once and for all.

A really nice sentry style vid here with the awesome Hannah Perez taking most of the KOs as Alisa, playing Cammy, goes through her training program almost flawlessly. I love Alisa playing Cammy or any other fictional charters. She’s an amazing cosplayer, always looking outstanding a really selling the character. Speaking of selling, this might be my favor vid with Hannah as the jobber. She sells each of these KOs so perfectly. This was the video the solidified her as a favorite and someone to keep any eye out for. Overall, with both super sexy girls in awesome outfits delivering us a really great sentry style vid, jam packed with KOs, makes this one not to miss out on.

Overall Score: 9.5/10