Review of Sleeperkid’s WorldTHE CAMMY CHRONICLES: PART ONE – 12 mins

After a crew of highly-paid thugs steals the blueprints to a top secret US military weapon, agent Cammy is sent in to take them out and extract the valuable info.  What follows is a short film with a style similar to THE FORTRESS, filled with amazing back and forth fights, with picture perfect choreography and dramatic finishing blows.  Cammy breaks in and battles Rain first. After a short struggle she taking down Rain. She then finds April Hunter for her final encounter. She uses her kicks to beat April, but not without some trouble first. Alisa grabs the goods and is about to head out, but then has an idea. We then see Rain and April KO’d and sitting in front of Alisa. They come to just in time for one final kick to the face, each. Then Alisa leaves, victorious.

There are a lot of things that make SKW stand out from other companies, fight choreography is only one and this is a shining example of that. These fight scenes are Hollywood quality and that is just fun to watch. That being said, it goes without saying, but the fights are what make this one special. That and the star studded cast. Alisa, Rain and April all look awesome, sell awesome and perform perfect. I would have liked to see Alisa be defeated, only because she’s an awesome jobber, but she struggled and came out in top Ina very entertaining way. So, to wrap things up, if you haven’t seen this yet, or haven’t seen a video where SK really flexes his director muscles, than, you guys have to see this. It is so clear how much time and effort is put into a video like this, I just can’t help bring be thankful that this guy produces content for us KO/wrestling/sleep fetish fans.

Overall score: 9/10