We see Cammy (Alisa Kiss) checking herself out in the mirror, when suddenly Ivy comes in and drags her by the hair into the mat room. Apparently, Ivy is a bounty hunter, sent to capture Cammy. Ivy pulls a gun on Cammy, but it quickly gets kicked away and Cammy attacks trapping her in a sleeper hold. Ivy almost goes out, but Ivy yells out, “Ivy Kick” and kicks Cammy in the head, freeing herself. The girls battle back and forth, but soon it becomes clear that Ivy is quite insane as she starts to laugh through getting beaten up. Still Cammy attacks, but Ivy continues to laugh. Ivy counter the next two punches, catching Cammy’s arms, she follows that up with three headbutts that KO Cammy. From her on its all Ivy’s game. She puts Cammy through many KOs, topping it off with a foot on face pin, and a final draining sleeper hold. After a quick victory pose, Crazy Ivy carries the unconscious Cammy out of the room in hopes of cashing in on a huge reward.

It’s always great to see Ivy and this is the perfect role for her too. I mean besides for making a great jobber. she also make a great lunatic. You can tell that she had a lot of fun, pretty much being herself, haha. Speaking of great jobbers, Alisa is also a great jobber and even better, for me, when she’s playing Cammy. I love the Cammy look and she’s prefect for it. We do get to see a little back and forth action in the begin, so there is a some of Ivy getting KO’d. Than its all Alisa and she gets KO’d a lot with some of lesser seen and creative tactics. Overall, it’s really fun to see Ivy being a loon while delivering plenty of KOs to Alisa, as Cammy.

Overall Score: 8.5/10


  • I love Ivy being the psycho heel, Alisa as Cammy is hot and this video is pretty cool to me, I wish it was longer and their was more ko’s but I’m sure we will get more of this