Review of The Bookworm Meets Alex

Review of Fem Wrestling RoomsThe Bookworm Meets Alex – 14.5 Mins

AlexMindy returns as “The Bookworm”, a fun series of videos we’ve shot over the years. Our video opens with her reading quietly in the studio when Alex enters, blasting music on her radio, to practice her boxing. An annoyed Mindy gets up and turns the loud music off, angering Alex. When the statuesque blond confronts Mindy she’s met with a swift uppercut, knocking her out instantly! This comical video continues with Alex trying her best to beat Mindy, challenging her to a test of strength, an arm wrestling match, and finally a boxing match. However, Mindy possesses an unusual amount of strength and Alex constantly finds herself knocked out! As in all our previous “Bookworm” videos, this one is played for laughs as Alex gives us plenty of sweet eye rolling, dizzy, and dazed knockouts after Mindy pops her with punches (including two “speedbag facials”)! Poor Alex finally learns her lesson and joins Mindy on the couch to apologize but only gets a final punch to the jaw as Mindy simply wants some peace and quiet!

I’ve always love this series, because it’s always been an awesome, silly series and this one fits right in. Alex nails the silly reactions as she’s easily punched out by the powerful bookworm. I love some much about this vid, obviously the silly reactions is my favorite part, but Alex’s attitude, was so fun. The combo of overly confident, thinking she’s tough, yet at the same time bubbly and silly, I just couldn’t help but laugh at her antics. Mindy also was perfect, totally couldn’t care less what Alex did or said, she just stayed in a slightly bothered mood when Alex was awake, the calm and cool as soon as she has KO’d Alex. We get lots of KOs, of course and tons of great shots and positions of Alex KO’d. This is a super fun, super silly, great vid.

Overall Score: 9.5/10