Review of The Biggest Knock Out

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Review of Spectrum Custom RequestsThe Biggest Knock Out – 16 Mins

HannahThe Spectrum mats are on fire the second Hannah and Cali set foot on them. Well known for their rivalry and wrestling prowess, they up the ante in this bout by partaking in a best 2 out of 3 ‘lights out’ challenge. We fade in to the action starting immediately as Cali and Hannah lock up. Once they hit the mats, it’s a fast paced match with a great variety of pro-style and submission holds. The first two rounds are evenly contested until Hannah is able to put Cali out. When Hannah rouses Cali, it’s clear that both are disappointed that they didn’t get to duke it out in a third round. Spicing it up even more, they choose to move forward with the third round, making it a ‘sudden death round’. The winner of the third round will be the winner of the ENTIRE match, canceling out the first two rounds. The third round is anybody’s game, as Cali is amped up at the thought of being able to take the win and Hannah wants to totally dominate all three rounds. There’s only one way to find out how this sexy match plays out.

With Hannah and Cali it’s really hard to go wrong and this one definitely doesn’t go wrong. This match feels a little like a competitive grappling match, as the girls battle back and forth, with pro wrestling moves mixed in and then a KO comes out of nowhere. It works really well, I like the competitive feel, the action is back and forth and you can tell they both want to win. Best still, we get a couple of good KOs too. I really like Cali’s selling for the KOs, she really gives us some good eyerolling. I love the winner takes all round too, it’s different take on a 2 out of 3 battle and of course Cali wins that round, kind of stealing a win from Hannah. Overall, it’s two of, arguably, the best in the business and expectedly, they give us a good show.

Overall score: 8.5/10

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